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Archery Presentation

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Lucas Warnock

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Archery Presentation

What is Archery?
Archery is a shooting sport. Humans have used archery since the dawn of history, first for hunting, warfare, and in modern times for sport. Stone arrowheads over 50,000 years old have been found in Africa, and archery has been used by nearly every society on the earth. There are many occasions when archery has changed the course of history. Not many Olympic sports can claim this grand heritage!
Types of Bows
Long Bow
Archery Equipment
Range Commands
Archery Presentation
Recurve Bow
Compound Bow
Arm Guard
Finger Tabs
In order for your safety, you MUST LISTEN to the leader and teen leader commandments when on the shooting line! Also you must listen carefully to the range captain.
10 Range Commandments
Binder (yellow tab pgs. 26-30)
Stance - relaxed and erect posture.
Nock- 2 Ways to nock and arrow.
Set - lace 3 finger under the nock marker
Pre-Draw- Bring string and arrow to shooting postion
Draw- Bring arrow and string to full extenstion
Anchor- place hand near edge of lip
Aim- Simply pointing steadly at target point
Release- relaxing fingers of the drawing hand while pulling back slightly
Follow Through- to bring hand back to keep posture steady and straight
Long Bow
- The Long Bow is a bow that is longer than normal. The added length increases the distance you can draw the string, allowing more energy which makes the arrow go farther. Archer would use these arrows to release unaimed arrows at the incoming enemies. It has very narrow limbs and it is very light and stable. Can be shot easily while held at an angle.
Recurve Bow
- A recurve bow has tips that curve away from the archer. It allows more spring force over the first few inches of draw and more energy to be stored. It is most commonly used in bows in the Olympics and among sporting archers.
Compound Bows- A compound bow uses mechanical levers such as pullies or cams (wheels) with less work to be done. Another benefit is that is that the archer does not have to hold the full weight when drawn back. This bow is mainly classified as a hunting bow.

Bow Parts
There are many parts of bows to remember. But, most importantly is learning the basics. You will need memorize the following parts of the recurve bow. There are 9 easy parts to learn.
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