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Why Do We Age?

No description

Suzzet Zarco

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Why Do We Age?

Why Do We Age?
face lifts
lip injections
wrinkle creams
How it relates to class
The way this topic relates to our class is we've talked about Mitochondria, cells and DNA. All those things relate together in why we age. .
Are you afraid of aging?
For example the Mitochondria produce energy for the cell. So over time this energy factory will accumulate errors and damage due to oxidative leaking which kills it. All this means over time you will have less and less Mitochondria in your cell causing lower energy for your cell. Thats why as we get older we get wrinkled skin and weaker muscles.
Replication of DNA
Replication of DNA in cell division causes shortened telomere. Telomere protects DNA from damage and shortened telomere means your DNA is less protected from damage. So DNA damage causes your cell to be less productive.
Why did we choose this topic?
Scientific Method
Everything in life ages
We have little to no way to stop the age process
Guess who ?
Eating healthy
Daily consumption of vitamins
Overall Body Cell
The accumulation of DNA damage will trigger "cell suicide". So all this means as you get older the less cell you will have since more of your cell will die. For example older people have thinner skin and wrinkled skin.
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