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Viop presenatation

For technical

Mou Nir

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Viop presenatation

Plan :

What is VoIP ?
How does VoIP works ?
Some benefits
Types of connections
VoIP utilities
VoIP implementation challenges
Page de garde preparer par power pt
What's VoIP ?

Voice over Internet protocol is one of the most amazing technology that use the infrastructure of internet to transmit voice in real time as packets over an IP network. In other way, technology lets you use an IP network (like Internet) to make and receive telephone calls.
How does it work ???
How does it work ?
Separated networks Separated a
Converged network Separated or integrated applications
VoIP utilities :

Phone & videophone calls
Voice mail

Allow two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmission.
Voice mail :

Users can exchange personal voice messages.
VoIP implementation challenges.

Like any emerging technology ,many challenges are faced here is some exemples :
Emergency Calls Routing

The difficulty of assigning IP’s to geographical location.
Dynamic IP’s !!
Registration process for some VoIP providers.

Legal issues

PSTN companies operated by governments.
So Different laws in different places ( Japan,USA,
Europe,Africa ).
VoIP security : not afterthought

VoIP in not easy to secure, It suffers all of the problems associated with any Internet application.

Reliability of service

Depends on internet connection quality.
Power outage.

Delays and Jitters

Packets and different routes .
Resulting jitter and delays in voice.
Assigning priorities to packets.
Some Solution

Certain hardware solution can distinguish VoIP packets and provide queuing for this class of service.

The network operator can also ensure that there is enough bandwidth end-to-end to guarantee low-latency,low-loss traffic.

Cost reduction
Advanced Applications
Benefits of VoIP

The main benefits of the VoIP technology can be divided into the following four categories:
Simplification - an integrated infrastructure
Bandwidth Consolidation
Type of connections
this architecture of VoIP is based on the communication between the providers of a resource or service, called
, and service requesters, called

Voip server at your local : is a normal server connected to the Ethernet network So all the communication happen in the normal network TCP/IP example :
free and open source
Commercial :

Server out of your local in the internet, example voipmaroc

Hard phones are computers made to look like traditional phones

Soft Phones are software that is installed on a computer so that the computer can be used as a phone

phone of PSTN ?
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