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Choosing Your Tomorrow: A Career Guidance Lesson

This Prezi is designed to get 8th grade students thinking about their passions, interests, strengths, and goals in relation to choosing a career path.

Holly McBrayer

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Choosing Your Tomorrow: A Career Guidance Lesson

Choosing Your Tomorrow An 8th grade Career Guidance Lesson What is your passion? It all starts with you.... What are
my goals? What are my
strengths? What am I
about? What are
my interests? Knowing who you are is essential to finding the perfect career for you. Your interests, passions, strengths, and goals can come together and form a map to help you navigate a career path as unique as you are! This lesson will get you thinking about who you are now and who you'd like to become, by helping you discover careers that fit your own personal attributes. "Successful people
love what they do." What do you
love to do? Are you a STRIVER
or a SEEKER? EXPLORING different options is the key to finding your passion! What are your
interests? Take this interest inventory on GAcollege 411 to discover yours!
https://secure.gacollege411.org/Career_Planning/Learn_About_Yourself/Interest_Profiler/Interest_Profiler.aspx An interest is something that captures your curiosity and engages you. Some examples may include:
astronomy Write down 5 interests you have. Determining your strengths Goal Setting: Putting a Plan in Place A strength is something you can do very well- almost effortlessly. What is something you can do well? Can you draw? Give speeches? Are you a good writer? Think about some of your strengths. Write down as many as you can. Asking a friend or family member's perspective may be helpful too. Exploring Your Options Now think about your passion, interests, and strengths. What types of careers could allow you to best combine those things? Log on to gacollege411 and explore 3 different career clusters. Try to match your passion, interests, and strengths to certain professions. Write down what you find! Today, you explored some of the great things that make you who you are. You also began thinking about those characteristics can serve as guides to selecting the right career path for you. Take a few minutes and set a personal short-term and long-term career goal for yourself. It could be to explore a certain career further, or to figure out what you are passionate about. Write down these goals. Feel free to share them with your classmates. By Holly McBrayer Summary You are a person of worth, and you have power over your future. What makes you who you are can help you decide who you become. Exploring your passions and options can broaden your career horizons. Goal-setting is a proactive way to
plan for your future today!
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