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Acid rain

No description

Fayha Najeeb

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Acid rain

Acid Rain
Acid rain definition:Rainfall made sufficiently acidic by atmospheric pollution that it causes environmental harm, typically to forests and lakes.
Things you can Do on my game:
DO you know what it takes to debate?
- Ideas
-Main topic
- create topic
-Topic has to be related to acid rain
Put on a side + choose background
Catch the rain
-Customizable character
-Catch acid rain falling
-Every five= Question
-Use arrow keys to move left and right
-Multiple choice trivia
-Easy, Medium, Hard
How do you think acid rain will affect humans in the future?
Information page
Catch the rain
Do you know what it takes to debate
Effect example
Different types of podiums
Example #3
Example #2
YAY! I got my fifth one! This means I get a trivia question:)
Customizable character
Age group :All,
Easy medium Hard option
-On and off choice
-choose from various options
-Volume control
-Sound affects
Information Page:
Based on trivia

- Links to different websites

-has a quiz option

-Information on acid rain

- Game information


-Ask question
-Music options

-Difficulty choice

-Notification options

-Game saving



-Invite friends

- Connect with iPod or iPhone
This game is a good way of learning about acid rain:
-Sharing ideas
-Asking questions
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