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The ClubMasters!

This Is for the club masters presentation.

rithvik kolanu

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The ClubMasters!

The Sports Club
The sports club is where you can learn to play sports as well as improve skills. We play floor hockey, basketball, dodgeball, and volley ball. We offer tournaments in school and possibly between schools. Some sports everyone can play and some sports only specific grades can play.
Cards Club
In this club you can play card games like crazy eights, UNO and learn new games. Grades 3-5 can join this club.
Beads Club
The Chess Club
The chess club is a place to improve or learn how to play chess. Grades 4-5 are allowed to join this club(if not to many people want to join we add the grade 3's) and you can compete in the tournament to earn a spot in a tournament against other schools.

The Art Club
The art club is a club where you can have fun drawing, painting, making sculptures and much, much, more!
You can compete for the best art work in the tournament. At the end of the year, you can design your own art piece to display at the school. Every grade is allowed to join.

Welcome To The Club Masters
The club masters offer a variety of clubs including: Chess club, Arts/crafts club, Beads club, Card club and the Sports club. We have a tournament at the end of each month for every club. Everyone is allowed to compete.
In the Bead Club you can make necklaces and bracelets. These will be sold to raise money for a charity, to be determined at a later date. If necessary, some of these funds could be used to buy supplies for the other clubs. All grades can join.
Welcome To The Club. The Masters Club.
Important Dates
Some important dates are:

Monday: Bead club
Tuesday: Sports club
Wednesday: Art club
Thursday: Chess club
Friday: Cards club
** This may change
depending on the teacher's
duty times**
Why Vote For The club Masters?
You should vote for the club masters because we offer things that other clubs don't like fun clubs and cool ways to express your creativity. The club masters give you a chance to compete against your friends in the tournaments(already mentioned).
For more info head to:
Special thanks to:
Mr. Lumini, Mr. G, Mrs. levert,
Mrs. Wong, and Mrs. Boyal
For volunteering to help us out with the clubs.
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