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Bleachers by John Grisham

No description

Destinee Perkins

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Bleachers by John Grisham

Bleachers by John Grisham
Messina is the town where the story takes place. Messina is a small town where football is the one thing everyone has in common. Friday night football was like a ritual Messina the town would mostly shutdown and they would crowd the stand to cheer their Spartans
Most of the story takes place here. At Rake Field you truly learn that football was more than just a sport. You read about the old players sitting in the bleachers and reminiscing on past events that took place on that field and how it impacted the player’s lives. To those men Rake field is more than just a place its home.
Rake Field
"No piece of gorund in Messina was more revered than The Field. Not even the cemetery" (p.3).
All the players dreamed of one day being a town hero and playing in the NFL. Although Many of them failed to achieve this much like in reality they still worked hard and gave their all because playing football was what they knew and did best.
All American Dream
Throughout the book we hear of the ongoing problems between Neely Crenshaw and Eddie Rake and how it not only affected each of the men but their lives
Rake vs. Neely
A general conflict throughout the story is how each of the men carried lessons from Rake and applied it their life. To them Rake was more than a coach from an outsiders view and even their own it may have not seemed like it with his strict and harsh ways but he impacted each and every one of the those men's lives and in every big choice wanted Rake's approbation.
Eddie Rake vs Spartans
"we dreamed of being Spartans and playing before ten thousand fanatics"(p.15).
"Once you've played for Eddie Rake, you carry him with you forever. You hear his voice, you see his face, you long for his smile of approval, you remember his tongue-lashings and lectures" (p.222).

Very strict inthough it was very effective. He was a town hero how he coached even and even through his wrong decisions he was still a hero to Messina and the Spartans
He was an intimidating person which helped people respect him more in fear of being on his bad side
Rake was apologetic to not only Neely but the Spartans for the sometimes extremely cruel treatments
Eddie Rake
Remorseful for a lot of the choices he made not only in high school but in life as well
Disappointed in himself and felt like he let Rake down

Neely Crenshaw
“‘I don't want to talk about football, okay? I don't want hear how great I was' “(p.71).
“The truth about what happened had remained buried for fifteen years, and, evidently neither Neely, nor Silo, nor Paul, nor Hubcap Taylor were about to break the silence" (p.49).
Foreshadowing is a main element of this book. It's what keeps you reading they always mention important events in passing and never go in depth about them and later on when something big happens they tell you why they were so important and serious impact on the Spartans and Rake.
Literary Element
A clip of the kind of workouts Rake would make the players do.


the relationship between a coach their athlete can be complicated because they're a person whose gonna push to greatness and make you hate them at time but yet at the end of the day you'll be thankful for what they can help you accomplish which is Rake does which is athletes.
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