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Internal Organizational Patterns

No description

Dana Cazan

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Internal Organizational Patterns

Internal Organizational Patterns

Definition: The author makes a broad generalization about a topic that is not always based on facts.

Signal Words: For example, all, always, never, usually


Definition: The author lists items or events in numerical or sequential order, either explicit or implicit

Signal Words: First, Second, Finally

Definition: The author presents Information by detailing how two or more events, concepts, theories, or things are similar or different

Signal Words: Similarly, In Contrast, Although, On the other hand

Today is January 26, 2015
Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?
Organizational Patterns
Internal organizational patterns, or internal text structures, are ways that writers organize information within a work.

Organizational patterns aid writers when they are considering the most logical way to present information to readers.
Let's Practice!

1. Enter "Organizational Patterns/ Transition Words" in your TOC.

2. Please glue the yellow and green papers in your
English notebook.

What signal words do you see in this cartoon?

Definition: Author presents a problem and one or more ways to solve that problem

Signal Words: So that, because, problem is


Definition: Author presents ideas, events in time, or facts as causes and the resulting effect(s) or facts that happen as a result of an event

Signal Words: If/then, consequently, as a result
- Homework

-Short quiz Friday

- Start brainstorming


Her failing grade on the English test was a result of her poor studying habits. Consequently, she cut back on watching TV. First, she will start bringing home materials to review. Next, she will spend less time playing after school with friends.

1.Which of the following words from the passage signals a cause and effect relationship?

a) first
b) consequently
c) next
d) result

Turn you paper in to the bin and begin your homework.

*Bonus: Write a compare/contrast paragraph about the Seahawks and the Patriots. Or, write a sequential prediction about what you think will happen in the game.
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