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The Grapes of Wrath

No description

Kate Medley

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of The Grapes of Wrath

By Madi Lohrum and Kate Medley The Grapes of Wrath Pregnancy is a sign of new life. It brings a sense of happiness and a fresh start. It also ensured excitement and something to look forward to. Pregnancy The turtle represents determination and perseverance. After the turtle was hit by the car, and was knocked off course, it got back up and continued traveling. The turtle is similar to migrant workers in their journey to California. Turtle The road that the Joad family traveled on represents the uncertainty of the migrants. The migrants are unaware of what lies ahead, and have a long, dangerous, journey ahead of them. The Road In any journey, voyage or expedition, there will always be some kind of adversity one is forced to overcome. The Joad family encountered numerous obstacles, each slowing them down as they made their way to California. These may seem negative at first, but in the end were there in order to trigger the determination that will make anyone successful if the effort is put forward. How it connects
to the theme Steinbeck uses Rose of Sharons pregnancy as one of the many obstacles the Joad family faces. The pregnancy kept Rose of Sharon from working and making money for the family. When Rose of Sharon gave birth to a still born baby, it presented yet another obstacle. This tragedy strengthened Rose of Sharons character as whole, forcing her to accept her circumstances and search for a positive alternative. How it connects to the theme Their journey was slow, tedious, and dangerous. Turtle are slow by nature, and top heavy. This is similar to the Joad's boxcar. The turtle was never expected to be successful, much like the Joad family. After putting aside their own self doubt, they were able to reach their destination, like the turtle, despite the forces working against them. How it connects to the theme Roads are known for being treacherous, and their destination is not completely predictable. Also, the cars were unstable and unreliable. The Joad family overcame the doubts and uneasiness about the road by sticking together as a family. The strength of family and the bonds made with other migrant families assisted them on their way to California. Overcoming Adversities Symbolism Death symbolizes the fate of every single traveling migrant worker and foreshadows their future struggles in California. Death itself shares the same behavior as the banks and wealthy landowners who repossessed the Joad's farm. When a death occurs and when their farm was taken away, the only things left were little remains and broken hearts, making them accept fate and be forced to move on to not only better themselves, but their family and their future as well. In any circumstance, death is a tragedy that takes much heart, and will power to overcome. Throughout their journey, the Joad family are faced with several encounters with death, presenting new obstacles to conquer. When each member of the family died, they knew there was no choice but to keep going because it was the only way for them to prosper. With each death, they banded together as a united family in order to conquer through it and continue on their way, which in the end, continuously made them stronger. How it Connects to the Theme Death
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