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Monty Python and The Holy Grail

No description

Brian Hodges

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Archetypes featured in
Monty Python and the HOLY GRAIL As Found By: Brian Hodges, Mike Holmes, Ben Gruber, Stephen Heinichen Stages In Hero's Journey Ordinary World
Camelot- Home of King Arthur before he left to seek the knights. Call To Adventure
The Lord in the sky tells King Arthur to seek the HOLY GRAIL. Refusal of the Call
None Meeting with the Mentor
Tim the Enchanter- They meet the wise and almighty Tim, who guides them along the path to find the HOLY GRAIL. Crossing the Threshold
The Black Knight- The hero must defeat the knight in order to cross into the land of the HOLY GRAIL. Roads of Trials
Tests: Allies:
Knights of Ni Sir Lancelot
3 headed guy Sir Gallahad
Bunny Sir Robin
The Black Beast Sir Bedimere
Bridge of Death King of the Swamp
Castle of Temptresses Tim the Enchanter
Political Peasants Roger the Shrubber Approach/Helpers
Encounter With French:
After being bombarded by flying animals, the knights retreat and build a Trojan rabbit. Later, they are forced to retreat again and come back leading an army. Ordeal:
The Bunny:
Arthur and his knights attack the bunny and hastily retreat due to the bunny's immense power. Because of the deaths of his comrades at the teeth of the bunny, Arthur is forced to resort to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, which kills the bunny and allows them to proceed. Reward:
Arthur, after his many challenges, does not find the HOLY GRAIL. Flight
After coming so close to the GRAIL, Arthur is arrested by modern day police for the murder of a nameless famous historian/narrator. Resurrection
Bridge of Death
At the Bridge of Death, Arthur is asked a life or death question: What is the air speed velocity of a swallow? Fortunately, he learned the answer in an earlier encounter. Return with Elixir
The goal was to heal the land with the HOLY GRAIL, but Arthur never reaches it. Character/Object/Plot Type Archetypes Hero:
King Arthur: He quests for the HOLY GRAIL and learns along the way. Mentor/Wiseman:
Tim the Enchanter - He shows the way to the GRAIL and warns them of the vicious bunny. Trickster:
Zoot: She lights a beacon that closely resembles a GRAIL, distracting Sir Gallahad from his quest. Shadow/Dark Self:
Sir Gallahad's desire to stay with the temptresses. Shape-Shifter:
Bunny: Although it appeared to be innocent and harmless, it it was a lethal killing machine. Herald:
God: God orders King Arthur to quest for the HOLY GRAIL. Threshold Guardian:
The Black Knight: He stops Arthur from entering the special world and tests his worth through battle. Earth Mother:
Roger the Shrubber: He designs, creates, and transports unique and elaborate shrubberies. A Fallen Homeland:
England and the Black Plague: The knights quest for the HOLY GRAIL to restore the plagued land. Companions:
Patsy, minstrels, the Knights of the Round Table, and an entire army accompany King Arthur. They help throughout the various trials. Maiden:
Prince Herbert: He was held captive by his father and forced to marry against his will. Temptress/Bad Mother:
The many women in the Castle of Anthrax tried to keep Sir Gallahad as a sex slave. The Quest:
The Quest for the HOLY GRAIL:
The GRAIL is required to restore the land from plague. Garden:
Shrubbery: It is green and pure in a dark and gloomy forest. Forest:
They very often encounter strange characters and challenges in the forest (such as the Knights of Ni.) Desert:
The town full of plague and death. Trees:
The Book of Armaments: represents knowledge, heroes of the past, and the word of God. Caves/Tunnels:
Cave of Caerbannog: They venture deep into a cave where they ponder over a mysterious message about the location of the HOLY GRAIL. Mountains:
Mountains of Tim the Enchanter: They meet Tim, who tells them of the path to the HOLY GRAIL. Rivers:
Bridge of Death: They must use their knowledge to cross the Bridge of Death and reach the GRAIL. Fountain:
The GRAIL: They seek it for the purification of
Great Britain. Sea:
They cross a misty sea in a mysterious unmanned boat to reach the castle of AAAAUUGGHHH.
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