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Francisco Pizarro

No description

Miguel Gonzalez

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Francisco Pizarro

1478 -1541
Francisco Pizarro
What country was the conquistador from?
Francisco Pizarro was from Trujillo, Caceres, Spain.
In 1478, Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Spain. He died in 1541 in Lima,Peru.
Trujillo, Caceres, Spain
Who were his country's King and Queen?
Francisco Pizarro
Francisco Pizarro was born on 1474 and died on 1541. He grew up without a formal education, never learning how to read or write.
By Miguel, Lupita ,Greg, Paola , Jesus, Michael
What country was the conquistador from ?
Francisco Pizarro was from Tujillo,Caceres, Spain.
How long was his Journey ? How many ships set sail ?
Trujillo, Caceres, Spain
Francisco Pizarro Journeys took 11 years from 1509 - 1520. Francisco Pizarro went to Alonzo De Ojeda on a voyage Uraba Colombia.100 ships set sail. He was sent by the governor of Panama, to establish trade relations along the Pacific cost of Panama.
King Charles the fifth was Francisco Pizarro's King. Francisco Pizarro's Queen was Queen Isabella.
What obstacles did he and his men face on the Journey?
King Charles the fifth
Queen Isabella
Pizarro 's men faced bad weather
What continent and present-day country did he conquer ?
What civilization and people did he come in contact with ?
Compare and contrast the native Americans culture and the conquistador's culture?
He contacted with Vasco de Nunez de Balboa and served as his chief lieutenant when Balboa explored the coast of South America.
Francisco Pizarro conquerd what's now South America.The countries are Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Boliva.
Europeans Same Indians
Francisco Pizarro's motivations were that he went to Peru in 1531 in the search for gold. He kidnapped the Inca's Emperor, took the gold offered for freedom and murdered Atobuapa ,just same. The expeditions purpose was to explore the land this is now in Peru.
What were his motivations?
some of Francisco pizarro's men had to leave because they needed to get supplies
Pizarro faced hunger and thirst
- White skin
- more clothing
-more cloth
-not a lot of space

- dark colored skin
-less clothing
- Both have leaders
He contacted with the Incas for their wealth.
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