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My Future job :Doctor

No description

Mike Polsinelli

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of My Future job :Doctor

My Future Job: Doctor
Presented by: Camilla De Souza

Being a doctor is interesting because I would get to do check ups and help kids with their health.
This job is part of the health industry because a doctor helps you be healthy.
For my future job, I might live in Toronto because it is the safest place I know.
A doctor on their daily
basis :examine,diagnose and treat patients.

The education you need to became a doctor is to go to university for four years. Then another four years working at a medical resident.
My job is important for our society because kids need help to make better healthy choices.
This image is of a doctor
London, Niagara Falls, Vaughan and Ottawa are also other options. these are all examples of Urban communities.
This is a video of a doctor giving a shot
Hope you liked it
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