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No description

Charlotte Perkis

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of CHAROACA

Harmony. Unity. Respect. Peace. Selflessness.
The world as we know was once greatly affected by the aftermath of global warming.
Forced out of many countries because of extreme heat, society had to restart in some of the coldest parts of the world.
These were the only parts of the world that were suitable for human life.
CHAROACA takes up what was previously Northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.
As land was reassembled and lines were redrawn, it was decided to break up land based on different religions.
People could choose to live with others who had similar standards and beliefs.
This was decided so as to try to create less conflict between people while still having respect for other countries' religions.
Public service has become a great part of society and cars have nearly become unnecessary; phenomenally quick busses and trains have practically out sourced cars.
However, another means of transportation can be through a purchase of a personal Reflective.
Though expensive, these "mirrors" work by first taking your picture before walking up to the mirror and as the body is shocked, the soul travels through the Reflective and out of an exiting one.
The exitiing Reflective prints a full operating 3D projection of your body based on your picture.
A much faster solution for world traveling; religion changes allow for one free trip, funded by the government, to another country.
Thanks to Interlenses, another advancement in technology, humans can also choose to be wired straight to the internet.
With vocal commands, citizens can look up anything they need to, including but not limited to calling up friends and family.
However, the Interlenses are the only means of internet and are only accessible every other hour.
This allows humans to still actually interact with each other and not be constantly distracted from natural life in CHAROACA.
For each country, there are presidents that represent the country as well as city representatives.
Each country should live up to the world slogan of Harmony, Unity, Peace, Respect and Selflessness.
Humans should not break the law since they carry them at all times on their MyFile and records are kept of any illegal activity.
The History of CHAROACA
Societal Structure
Society is encouraged to be creative and voice opinions, as long as it is in a loving way.
Society is also trianed to know that what one person may call art, another may find offensive, but that does not mean they should disrespect each other.
MyFile plays a big part in reminding the society of the laws
Interlenses is highly filtered to only send out encouraging messages to users.
Family Structure
As for families in CHAROACA, all will remain the same.
Human modifications to create smarter people are not available.
Natural approach is highly encouraged when raising a family.
Respect for individuality is highly valued, especially being encouraged in a family's atmosphere.
Overview of Laws:
Littering is prohibited; keeping a clean environment is highly valued.
Murder is prohibited and charged with a lifetime sentence in jail.
Stealing is prohibited.
Tax fraud is prohibited and carefully looked over.
With a new society comes new technological advances.
One of these is the MyFile, a usb like device attached to every human's body.
It's main purposes are to hold information, including the laws of CHAROACA, and to track criminals, the kidnapped, and others that the government has a hold of.
While it is an option not to have the MyFile attatched, it has become socially normal to carry one.
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