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The Prasha Method

A system of healing and transformation combining wisdom from yoga, massage, qi gong, love and meditation.

Dashama Gordon

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of The Prasha Method

Pool of All Current Ideas, Resources, Connections Yoga System of Transformation The Prasha Method Balances the Root Chakra
Improves stability & feelings of connectivity
Focuses on: Legs, hamstrings, calves,quads
Grounding through feet using visualization, breath and intention
Open to all levels beginner through advanced Grounding Practice Flow Yoga Practice with Qi Gong
Fusion of Wisdom, Balances 2nd Chakra
Clears Emotional Blocks
Qi Breath calms nervous system, relaxes the mind
Perfect for all levels beginners through advanced Qi Flow Practice Vigorous Vinyasa Power Yoga
Fire Breath purifies and detoxifies lungs
Strengthens Core & All muscles
Build Internal Heat
Sweating leads to detoxification through the skin
Empowering and Challenging for body and mind
Open to All Levels Beginners through Advanced Fire Practice Visualizations that focus on love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness
Balances and harmonizes the heart chakra
Releases blocked energy and pain from the heart, neck, upper back and shoulders
Deep breathing into the heart center
Open to all levels of ability Journey into the Heart Vinyasa Yoga Practice with mantras
Balances the Throat Chakra
Improves Communication
Harmonizess your voice
Removes blocks between the heart and speech
Raises physical vibration/ energy Mantra Vinyasa Advanced Arm Balances and Inversions Workshop
Learn to stabilize and float with core control
Focus on safety and alignment
Challenging and Empowering for body and mind
Open to intermediate to advanced levels Wearing the Crown of Freedom Meditation 6th Chakra Techniques for Inner Peace, Healing, Clarity & Transformation
Inner Child Healing
Yoga Nidra
Guided Relaxation
Buddhist Techniques
Japa Mala
Mantra Meditation + More Detox Yoga Flow Vinyasa Yoga to detoxify & cleanse the body
3 stage process: lengthen, compress and twist = maximum effect
Improves all internal systems and cleanses the organs and skin Thai Yoga Massage Therapy that balances your body and mind
Improves flexibility, circulation and energy flow
Safe and effective for everyone
Perfect compliment to a yoga practice Detox Diet Eliminate Junk
Incorporate superfoods
Green Juice & Smoothie Cleanse
Pescatarian, Raw, Vegan meals focused on alkalinizing the body for longevity and radiance Partner Yoga Team Building Practice
Overcome fears
Improve communication skills
Builds Trust & Faith
All levels Fun! Playtime is essential for a healthy happy life
Dancing, Singing, Swimming, SUP Yoga, Kayaking, Boating, Snorkeling, etc Philanthropy Karma Yoga to give back & make the world a better place for everyone
Donating time and resources to worthy causes
Yoga for Orphans & Foster Children
One.org Travel Healing & Transformational Journies of Self Discovery
Expands your mind and makes you more compassionate to others
Deepens cultural connections The Dashama Brand Dashama.tv Endorsements Mon Aug 20th, 2012 January 2013 naca physiic Partners & Endorsements Dashama's
Global Yoga Initiative CEO: Dashama
Director: Name, headshot, bio
client relations: Bokhara
lawyer: David Marko
accountant: Janet Brutel Where I'm at now Where I'm heading ? Partners and Endorsements:

1) Ifood.tv - featured partner
2). youtube.com/dashama - featured partner
3). Magic Holdings - clients; McDonough.com
4). om shanti - partner I was consultant for them
5). bhaktifest.org - partner - teacher of month
6). sitacouture.com - partner- eco fashion
7). Brewer Educational Resources - Kids DVD distribution to 3,000 schools
8). Chris Howard - Millionaire Speakers Bureau
9). Ahalife.com - Curator
10). Premier Spa - High End Dead Sea Skin Care
11). Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce
12). Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce
13). FAU - alumni / speaker
14). Bellapetite.com
15). Spaweek.com
16). Marina Orlova - hotforwords/ hot for yoga
17). Tribal-truth.com
18). themiraclemorning.com
19). SANG - Larry Benet (speakers club for millionaires)
20). Udemy.com - platform to sell my 30DYC and other courses online
21). Project for Awesome - Charitywater.org
22). wiki - Paddle Board Yoga
23). TED
24). Ecohar.com - Brazillian Eco Fashion Charity
25). Scott Adams - business advisor and client
26). Yoga Month.com - partners
27). North Atlantic Books/ Random House - book publishers
28). James Altucher - well known author friend
29). Physiic.com - online teaching live streaming platform I'm a share holder and advisor
30). Ryan Blair - millionaire author and ceo
31). Dr. Craig Brown - Expansive Medicine millionaire
32). Baron Baptiste - famous yoga teacher
33). Mikki Willis and Elevate family
34). Fares - movie investor from Kuait
35). Gail Marino - creator of Extreme Makeover Home Show on ABC
36). Marc Goldman - millionaire client investor
37). Cary Herman - CEO of Ocean Bridge Group traditional marketing (tv commercials billboards etc)
38). Jack & Donna - Dolphin experts, 3D HD TV show producers
39). Paul & Mitch- National Geographic team
40). Bill Kennedy - Top attorney in the country
41). Mitch Kirsch - planetevents.com creates music events for mtv and olypics etc
42). Brian Krauss - CEO business man and brother to Ron Krauss - movie director in Hollywood
43). Howard Leonhart - ceo
44). Santega - connected to all clubs in south beach
45). Michael - works at Sony on Jeopardy
46). Dave Swrwatka - executive producer at Bravo
47). Celeste Thornson - tv director in hollywood
48). Marcia Weider - Dream University and author
49). Isaac White - Celebrity Photographer
50). Jack Guy - Celebrity Photographer
51). Thomas Wolfe - the messengers event artist
52). Rick Adams - music producer 5 things I’ve been praised for:
1). being an inspiration
2). being joyful
3). creativity
4). manifestation/productivity
5). fearlessness
6). physical abilities like advanced yoga poses or fire dancing skills
7). beauty
8). being funny/goofy/ entertaining
9). health tips that change lives

My Talents and Strengths
1). deligate to get many projects done and in a timely manner
2). creative visionary: can imagine a fantastic value added product or service and create it
3). connector: i connect well with the right people to get things done
4). adventurous: i travel the world and bring people with me for the ride
5). health consciousness: living a happy healthy lifestyle takes information and discipline
6). have over come many obstacles and adversity so I can relate to many people on their level
7). compassionate: i have a strong desire to help people who are suffering
8). theatrical- I am great on camera and in front of large crowds speaking, performing and presenting
9). tech savvy: i have a fantastic use of multi media technology in my company approach to getting a message out there

How I want to be known
creative visionary:
health consciousness:

Personal statement: I inspire others to achieve life excellence through a balance of personal growth and Self actualization “Naturally Dashama”

Dashama will teach a full day yoga, health and happiness workshop including the following:

1). Yoga for Athletes - stretch, lengthen and tone muscles; reduce stress, improve balance, focus and mental clarity with Dashama’s yoga and holistic health techniques. Includes 90 minute yoga practice with a 30 minute guided meditation and relaxation session at the end.

2). Visualization for Success - all world class athletes visualize their success far before it is achieved. In this 60 minute class, Dashama guides the group to create a visualization practice that will improve their success both in their sport and in life over all.

3). Discover the Fountain of Youth - 2 hours- modern and ancient dietary and cleansing practices that can increase natural energy levels, improve mental clarity, improve digestion and assimilation of foods and nutrients as well as reverse the aging process. Can include organic healthy snacks/ lunch and/or dinner for participants.

4). Thai Yoga Massage Therapy - in this interactive 3 hour workshop, participants will learn to stretch each other safely and effectively, apply acupressure techniques to relieve pain and tension, improve blood circulation and joint mobility. This practice is said to ‘unlock the dormant reservoir of vitality’ and the effects can be felt for days after the experience.

5). Promotional Video Production - show the public the ‘softer side of sports’ and have Dashama’s videographer film and create a HD quality commercial/ promotional video from the event, including footage from all workshops as well as interviews with team members and/or other content options. Will include the team logo and any other brand integration.

Total investment: $10,000 ($5,000 for Dashama and $5,000 for the video production crew)

*Above listed options are flexible and customizable.
*Break down of production costs available upon request.
*All costs including flights, transportation, meals and accommodations must be covered additionally. Dashama Sports Team Proposal The format of this show follows the lives of 17 people who come together to live in the Zen Mansion for 30 days with Dashama and a team of experts, with the intention of experiencing a transformational experience.

This show is filmed in a format that follows the entire 30 day journey of each individual (or couple), focusing on 2 specific stories from beginning to completion within each single episode. Through private interviews and candid camera placements, audio recordings (hidden) and group interactions - the audience will witness their struggles, their challenges, emotional, physical and mental breakthroughs through to the end.

The rules of the house:
No negativity in the space.
No cell phones or email/ internet connectivity with outside world (except 1 time per week)
Every one must follow the detox diet
Daily practice of yoga: 4 hours
Daily workshops: 3 hours

1 weekly excursion (swim with dolphins, paddle boarding in the ocean or bay, etc.) designed to help people breakthrough fears and limiting beliefs about the ocean/ water.

Everyone is evaluated by Dr Brown when they arrive, as well as by Dr Vettese. They assess the participants and establish the foundation. We capture these private sessions on camera.

Everyone is evaluated by Dashama physically, to assess the benchmark from which they are beginning this journey.

Each day the classes and group workshops focus is on a different topic (known as Chakras, these are aspects of the human condition that may be blocked, weak, stuck or damaged from the past, trauma, etc). Each week to progress, beginning with the basics and progressing up to an advanced level by the end of the 30 days. Healing workshops like thai massage teach intimacy and loving relationships. Partner yoga workshops teach team building and communication. Detox yoga practice once per week in a heated room to cleanse the internal systems and organs. Meanwhile, the participants have 1 private session with each expert on the TEAM. These are all filmed.

Participants experience weight loss, healing from pain, eliminating prescription medications, mental, emotional and physical healing from past trauma. Equipped with a new bag of tools and techniques to handle life, each of them learns how to handle the challenges that arise and to approach it with ease and grace.

The completion, as we approach the end of the 30 days is filled with emotions as we film the participants and discuss the breakthroughs they have experienced through this transformational journey.

Optional - we bring back the local participants and film the 3 months ‘follow up’ to show how they have progressed and where they are now in their journey. Did they stick with it? Did they back-slide? What are their greatest challenges now? What new breakthroughs have occurred for them since the mansion? This can be edited to complete the season in the 13th episode as season finale OR as 2nd season footage...


Island Water Sports Miami
The Standard Spa & Hotel
Jane iredale The Skin Care Makeup
Juice & Java
Whole Foods- S Bch
Carpaccio Restrauant - Bal Harbor

1). Dashama - author, joyologist, yoga expert & healer
2). Dr. Craig Brown - Expansive Medicine; Harvard Trained Medical Doctor
3). Jason Santorini - Holistic Health Food Chef
4). Sirah Vettesse Phd - Relationship Expert


1). PJ - 38 yrs old male. Bar tender. Was in a car accident 16 months ago with 7 broken lumbar vertebrae. Never does yoga. Has been told the only help is surgery or medication
2). Lacey - 24 years old. College Student studying theology. Emotional unstable with a history of eating disorders. Has aspirations of becoming a yoga teacher.
3). Matty - 36 years old. Divorced mother of 2. Single. Emotionally confused and searching for balance in her life. Would like to meet her soul mate.
4). Amanda - 30 years old. From USA but lives in Italy currently. History of eating disorders, emotional instability and anxiety. Currently a journalist for magazines in Italy.
5). Dawn - 42 years old. Married with children. Recovered alcoholic who dedicates her life to counseling others in that recovery process.
6). Stephanie - 58 years old. married with grown children, 2 of which just got out of rehab for drugs. From NY, physical and emotional stress and anxiety. Over-weight with previous neck injury.
7). Rina - 35 - from Israel, lives in FL. Single, divorced, very wealthy, runs family business, with 2 kids. Over-weight, allergies, migraines, lethargic energy, lacks motivation.
8). Larisa - 58 yrs. old. From Russia, lives in FL. Esthetician, over-weight, recently in a relationship, not strong or flexible. Upper back and shoulders are very tight with kyphosis of the spine, from her work.
9). Mandy - 31 yrs old. From Canada, wealthy girl, into charity work, former model. Seeking to deepen her experience with spirituality and advance her physical strength and well being.
10. Pilar - 27 yrs. old. From Queretaro, Mexico. Young mother of small child. Married, working toward her advanced certification to teach yoga as a healing practice.
11). Josiah - 30 yrs. old. From Toronto, Jamaican descent. Yoga teacher, massage therapist and fitness expert. Very advanced, seeking to deepen his teaching skills to heal people. Could use improvements in flexibility. Has random prostate issues.
12). Jim - 63 yrs old. male from Virginia. Real Estate Investor. Semi Retired. Recently got into exercise for the first time in his life and is getting stronger all the time. Not very flexible.
13). Richard - 62 yrs old male. Over-weight, low motivation. High Blood pressure and family history of heart disease. Poor diet. Not in shape. Meditates, very spiritual.
14 + 15). Derek - 35 yrs old. from Colorado. Single father of young girl. Martial Artist, rapper. Ankle and wrist injuries from MMA. Lacks flexibility in major muscle groups.
Bobbie - 34 yrs old. Derek’s girlfriend. Graphic designer from FL, doesn’t practice yoga currently, martial arts background. Not very flexible, history of back pain from computer work.
16+17). Fran & Chris - a couple from Florida. She is divorced and he is 15 years younger then her. *Fran - works in skin care as an international sales manager, over weight, energy deficient with difficulty sleeping *Chris - a massage therapist who works too much and feels drained of energy. He’s put on some weight recently, from working too much and eating poorly.

Daily Schedule Breakdown - Filming

6am - wake up - optional run or cardio with Dashama
7-9am yoga class with Dashama
9-10am breakfast
10-1pm workshops with TEAM (Dashama, Craig, Sirah or Jason)
1-4pm (optional) workshops with TEAM OR free time (film participants)
4-6pm yoga class with Dashama
7pm - dinner
8pm - free time (film participants after long days work) The Biggest Breakthrough
TV Show Creative Artist Agency
1). Sizzle Reel
2). TV Show Pilot
3). Dashama.com (Multi-Media Resume)
4). Print Head Shots / Resume Contact:


Teacher: Yoga & Green Lifestyle Expert & Speaker
Author: Journey to Joyful (Random House), Renew You Diet, The Giving Sea (kids book)
Creator: 30DYC Home Fitness System, Perfect 10 Lifestyle, Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Founder: Pranashama Yoga Institute, Yoga for Foster Children & Orphans
Performing Artist: Yoga Fire Dancing
TV Show Hostess: Journey to Joyful (Bali Pilot Episode), Transform Your Life with Dashama (San Diego Pilot Episode), & Green Day in LA (Santa Monica Episode)
Producer, Scriptwriter & Video Star: Transform Your Life with Yoga for Beginners DVD, Thai Yoga Tantra DVD, Kids Yoga Adventure DVD, Yoga Family Funtime DVD (distribution through Channel Sources Media), Kids Fitness Funness DVD, 30DYC 6 DVD Set (global intrenet sales)

Corporate Clientele:

Sony Motion Picture Studios
Florida Atlantic University
Leaders Causing Leaders Conference
Gen-Next Youth Summit
Coral Springs Medical Center
Boca Raton Resort & Club (Waldorf Astoria Company)
The Standard Spa Miami
NY Yoga & Raw Food Expos
New Life Expos (NY/ FL)
Florida Health Expos
Whistler Yoga Conference (Canada)
Egypt International Yoga Festival
Raw Spirit Festivals (MD, AZ, CA)
Bhakti Festivals (CA)

Past & Current Partners:

Yoga Health Foundation
National Yoga Month
Malibu Magazine
Boca Raton Magazine
NY Yoga Magazine
Cosmed Wellness Magazine (NY)
Aqua Cabanna Magazine (5 Star Resorts)
Sita Eco Couture
Om Shanti Clothing

Dashama’s Brand Extensions:

Perfect 10 Lifestyle (Products, Retreats & Online Community)
Journey to Joyful (Keynote Topic/ Book & TV Show)
Transform Your Life with Dashama (Keynote Topic/ DVDs & Books)
Golden Age Now - (Keynote Topic/ Book & Movie in production)
Discover the Fountain of Youth (Workshops/ Keynote Topic) www.caa.com Success
Most Trees/ Air/ Lungs of Planet
Indigenous cultures
Sacred sites & spiritual temples
Rapidly growing economy interested in yoga and the healing arts
Happy Loving People
Carnival celebrate life
Thailand - Home of Thai Healing Arts
Spiritual Culture
Buddhist and Taoist
Holistic Arts
Breathtaking geography
Temples, beaches, waterfalls, resorts India - Birthplace of Yoga
Sacred Temples & Sites
Spiritual Culture
Amma the hugging saint
Sacred Cows & Animals
Scred River - The Ganges
Beautiful landscape
Healing Arts & Yoga Travel Show Destinations
Bora Bora
Switzerland - Alps
UK- Stonehenge
S America:
Brazil - Amazon
Peru - Machu Pichu
Ecuador - Galapagos

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