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Jonbenet ramsey

the mystery case about her death

Karalie El-Yaberry

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Jonbenet ramsey

Getting Away with Murder: The Death of
Jonbenet Ramsey By: Karagan Mayberry
and Autumn Rodgers It’s been almost 15 years later since Jonbenet Ramsey was found murdered in her parents basement on Christmas in 1996. It has been a forgotten case since it was never solved. Even though people have clues of who may have killed her and false confessors, the world may never know who really took the innocent life of 6 year old, Jonbenet Ramsey. Introduction Thesis Statement The Jonbenet Ramsey case is based on the ransom note and how John Mark Karr claimed that he was the killer. History of the Topic People still ponder about who really killed Jonbenet Ramsey. After she was killed, the kidnappers left a note on the kitchen table lying about how they had NOT taken Jonbenet's life and in order to get her back, John Ramsey must pay $118,000 dollars. Who would ask for this kind of money? That remains unexplainable. This murder occured in Boulder, CO. on Christmas Day. When her body was found it was about 6 am, so her body had been dead for 9 hours so 10:30 pm was when she was killed. Jonbenet was a child beauty pageant queen before she died. She was so pretty and outgoing. “Always wanted to put on a show” (Patsy Ramsey “E! News”)
Mystery Behind the Topic There aren’t many clues to who really murdered Jonbenet, but that makes people think over. December 26, 1996, Jonbenet was reported missing and after the note was read and their house was searched repeatedly, one detective thought about the one place no one has searched yet… the basement. The basement has a wine cellar and that is where her body was found. At first there was no sign of intruders which made people think that the parents killed her. The Ramsey Ransom note about the killers or kidnappers: It is the most important evidence in this case. This is because no one from the family has the same hand writing, the same DNA or uses that kind of paper in their home. John Mark Karr, he is not as important, but his fraud explanation could be covering up for the real killer. Her autopsy photos: People wonder what the markings on her body mean and how she has VERY little of the DNA from the killer on her, including the evidence that was surrounding the area of where she was killed. Theory #1 The Ramsey Ramson note is the most important part of the evidence to solve the case. It explains alot, unkknowingly. The lines that came towards the end of the note is when the author began to get emotional and was trying to show John that this is personal (“The Fats Cats” admin 1) Theory #1 (continued) If this theory is correct, then the killer would have to be someone who:
1. Is familiar with the layout of the house.
2. Knows the Ramseys personally enough to know that John Ramsey received a bonus of $118,000.
3.Is small enough to have gained entry via a narrow basement window and possibly exited the same way.
4.Was confident enough to spend the time to not only commit the offense, but to have the presence of mind to write a long note in an attempt to draw suspicion away from himself. (“Exposure” Bardsley and Bellamy 9)

Theory #1 (still continued) Personally, I find that behavior odd by Rod Westmoreland, a person who has just supposedly arrived on the crime scene from out of town, would naturally need some time to soak up all of these strange clues and would also need time to determine if the police were doing a good or bad job of investigating. (“The Fat Cats” admin 1) Theory #2 John Mark Karr’s actions gives himself away in this situation. John Mark Karr is the ‘killer’ of Jonbenet and loves girls. Why would he want to be a woman? ( Dunne,“Who didn’t Kill Jonbenet?” 2) Theory #2 (continued) The media and detectives don’t know why he would commit fraud by doing that? John Mark Karr could have known the real people that killed the girl. ( Dunne,“Who didn’t Kill Jonbenet?” 2) Theory #2 (still continued) John mark Karr -Would be considered a Stranger. He does not know the family personally, and the Ramsey’s do not know John Karr personally. (“The Fat Cats” admin 4)

The Jonbenet Ramsey case is an extraordinary case that everyone should know about. A six year old Pageant queen was murdered in her own basement. The Jonbenet Ramsey case is based on the ransom note and how John mark karr claimed that he was the killer. The world still wonders who the real killer was.

Conclusion Autopsy Photos Who killed me? http://www.errachidia.org/buzz/seethis.php?video_id=NpvaFdCj6pQ http://www.trendchatter.com/2011/03/31/breaking-news/breaking-news-video-jonbenet-ramsey-remember-my-story/ http://www.lyrics5.com/videos.html?vid=NpvaFdCj6pQ Please dont forget http://www.casttv.com/video/y2bwq4/john-karr-audio-video
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