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Magnus Technology Solutions for Mendix World 2011

Presentation of Magnus Technology Solutions for Mendix World 2011

Wouter Visser

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Magnus Technology Solutions for Mendix World 2011

Magnus Your Situation Rapidly changing business requirements A complex IT landscape Legacy is holding you back The Complication IT changes take too much time to implement Replacing legacy is difficult and expensive Complexity makes it hard to adapt to new business requirements While maintaining existing business rules and without replacing legacy systems A smart way to quickly adapt to new business needs Your Need Do you recognize this? can help Magnus Technology Solutions Magnus has more
than 22 years of
experience Mendix partner since 2006
Offering value added business solutions
Strong track record in Mendix projects
Solid knowledge in many different markets
Sites in Naarden, Den Bosch and Kuala Lumpur
+100 IT-professionals in The Netherlands Magnus understands
its customers,
delivers high quality on time We deliver solutions that will improve your business
We believe in a shoulder-to-shoulder approach
Understanding your business is critical to success
Our talented consultants will go the extra mile
We pride ourselves on solid architecture and process designs
We always think ahead
We have a rich expertise in many different markets
Our keep our customers one
step ahead of the competition Our proven
Magian method
enables us to handle
complex projects We have successfully completed projects for the following customers: Quotation & Purchasing Magazine Configuration Contract Management Account Management Automatic Invoice
Generation Sanoma Media Order Fulfillment
Monitoring Automatic matching
of suppliers to order Concorde Supporting customers in operationalization of their strategy by envisioning, designing, realizing and running innovative, enduring improvements in processes, organization and technology that help improve the business performance.
Our Recent Mendix Projects M a g n u s T e c h n o l o g y S o l u t i o n s Agile Development, Agile Solutions Mobile Integrated Solutions Contact us:
André Damsteegt: A.Damsteegt@magnus.nl
Wouter Visser: W.Visser@magnus.nl
Tel. +31 (0)35 699 60 60 www.magnus.nl
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