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Education International/ Montreal, Canada/ May 28, 2014

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Dennis Shirley

on 4 September 2017

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Transcript of Education International/ Montreal, Canada/ May 28, 2014

The Bermuda Triangle
Structure of Presentation
May 28, 2014
Montreal, Canada

Teacher Policy and High Quality Teaching in the 21st Century

Professor Dennis Shirley
Lynch School of Education
Boston College


Core Problems of
Teaching and Learning

Standards, Accountability, and Markets
Data-Driven Decision Making
What's Best for Our Students?
Three Ways of Change
Third Way Indicators
Focus on Literacy and Numeracy
Divide and Conquer
1. Competitive Individualism

Organizing for Public Good
1. Professional and Political Capital
6. Professionals as Intellectuals
5. Culture of Inquiry
4. Intensive Interaction
3. Innovation with Improvement
2. Courageous Leadership
Disconfirming Evidence!
Tutorial Networks in Mexico
Third Way Tsunami
4. The Fourth Way
3. Control vs. Capacity
2. Three Ways of Change
1. Core Problems of Teaching and Learning
Innovation, Isolation, and Inconsistency
Perfecting Surveillance and Control
From Professional Learning Communities to Data Teams
Performance-based Pay
High-stakes Testing as Measures of Teacher Quality
5. Huis Clos
4. Break the Union
3. System against System
2. School against School
Mindful Teaching and Learning
1. Students are trained to tutor one another
in remote rural schools
The Fourth Way
Control vs. Capacity
Innovation with
1.Top-down and Bottom-Up
2. Lateral
3. Radial
4. Temporal
What would you do ....
if you truly wanted to raise achievement with integrity?
if your Government planned to cut the education budget by $5 billion dollars?
if your Government planned to create a $66 million School Performance Incentive Program?
4. Mastery is demonstrated through a public
demonstration in which all participate
3. Students journal about one another's learning
2. Students choose the topics to develop
individual lines of inquiry
5 Big Take-aways
1. Professional associations have a vital role to play
5. The core values of student voice and teachers'
creativity need to be retained and unleashed to
optimize learning with integrity and dignity for all
4. Mindful attentiveness needs to be directed
to previously overlooked networks and
3. Conflict needs to be retained as a change strategy
2. Positive change can emerge from many sources
www. mindfulteacher.com
Learning Enriched
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