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The Meeting

This is an old Chinese story.

White Fire

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The Meeting

The Meeting
The Meeting
General Kan was supposed to meet his friend in the noon. When noon came, his friend did not arrive, so General Kan went to work. When Kan left, his friend arrived. General Kan's seven year old son Yang was playing outside.
The friend asked, "Where is your father?"
Yang answered, "He was waiting for a long time, and then he left."
The friend angrily said,"What kind of person is he? He invited me over, and yet he left!"
Yang said, "He invited you during the noon. When it was the noon, nobody came so he left. Now you have no credit. Right now you are yelling at his son about how rude he is. You are being rude."
The friend was ashamed of himself, and got off his carriage to hold Yang's hand.
Yang took no notice of this, and went inside the room.
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