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nevada desert

No description

kobe bryant

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of nevada desert

The Mojave Desert
Waning flora
This graph of the climate change.
The Desert Bighorn

The Desert Coyote
The Mojave Desert Wildlife

Native Mojave insects
red body beetle
Joshua tree is found in no other place in the world, except in some places in the Mojave Desert.
Things that only can be found in Nevada desert
fungus growth in the Nevada desert
Water found in the Nevada desert.
map of the Nevada desert
Gold mines found in the Mojave desert
Type of Soils
As mining capital dried up in the mid-1860s, most of the mines within the California desert region were deserted.
Old Man Prickly Pear Cactus
Jointed usually no more than 2-3 pads high. Shaggy appearance. Typically yellow flowers, about 2 inches wide, blooming in May and June.
Groundwater and the Mojave and Colorado Rivers are the primary water sources.
Conflict between Native Americans and Euro-Americans was the catalyst for the establishment of a lasting federal legacy in the Mojave desert. The Mohave attacked emigrant wagon trains in 1858, prompting a substantial military response.
Military in the Mojave Desert
Although the soil surface may look like dirt to you, it is full of living organisms that are a vital part of desert
These living organisms and their by-products create a continuous crust on the soil surface. The general color, surface appearance, and amount of coverage of these crusts vary depending on climate and disturbance patterns.

1. Mojave desert .net
3. edjation.yahoo.com
The Mojave Desert is the driest and smallest of the North American Deserts and was named after the Mohave tribe of Native Americans.
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