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book review

spencer willhoite

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Insurgent

By: Spencer Willhoite 8th hour reading What would you do if everyone around you turned into mindless puppets controlled by a psychopath, and your mind, as far as you know, was the only one able to resist the brainwashing? The setting of Insurgent is in a futuristic crumbling Chicago. Four, or Toby as only Tris calls him, is trying to use what he knows about the Dauntless, one of the factions that are soldiers, database to help destroy one of the more corrupt factions, called the Erudite, a faction that specializes in the pursuit of knowledge. The Erudite has used a type of mind control and is using some of the Dauntless to carry out their plans. This book's genre to me is adventure, and I think that it could be considered dystopian. I really thought that this was a good book and that anyone who likes these types of genres would enjoy Insurgent. The book didn't have very much figurative language but I found this simile, it said "We scattered through the field like running water."
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