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Slaves and their Owners

No description

Gene Monahan

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Slaves and their Owners

Slaves and their Owners
Slave Owners
The slaves were allowed only one or two pairs of worn, tattered clothes. They got one pair of shoes, one hat, one jacket of coarse cloth, two coarse shirts, and two pairs of trousers yearly. Even when it was wintry and cold they had to wear the same clothes.
The slaves lived in houses made of sticks with dirt floors. Some slaves didn't really think of them as houses, but as huts. They had holes in the walls, making the insides cold and drafty. They had to make their own things like seats or beds. They were very small, and the owners put more than one family in each house.
How they were treated
Detail 2
The slave owners houses were big and grand. The insides were fancy and nice for that time period. They had beds and tables and chairs. These houses made the slaves' houses look puny. They were strongly built so they would not fall down
How they were treated
The owners got treated with respect because they were pretty much the bosses. When they told someone to do something, they would do it or face punishment.
The slave owners got to decide what they ate. They had things like roast beef and cake whenever they wanted. The had chefs that made all their meals for them, and the meals they got tasted very good.
The clothes the slave owners got were fancy. They got suits and dress pants. They also got the best soft doe skin gloves. They could get new clothes whenever they wanted to, and they just had to call for them. When it was cold, they could get winter jackets, hats and gloves.
Detail 3
The slaves were given corn, okra, lard, and the occasional meat. Their food was not usually any good, unless their owner cared about them at all. this was the only food they were given. They also had to make their meals on their own. Does this sound like any thing you would want to do? Probably not, right?
Trent Raffaelli
The slaves got treated poorly and harshly. If they did one small thing bad they would get yelled at or whipped, or sometimes they got worse, like death. They were also treated unfairly. While they worked hard all day, the owner was sitting down in the shade yelling at them.
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