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The Themes of Romeo and Juliet

No description

David Walla

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of The Themes of Romeo and Juliet

A Theme of
Romeo and Juliet By David Walla People are fallible. Theme in novel Secrecy Poor choices Prejudice and pride 21st Century Rash choices Drinking Gambling It's impossible to not make a mistake so think twice when making a life changing decision because many of these have dire consequences. People try to hide their secrets, but will inevitably be found out. The pills are suicide, the fist is revenge, and the knife is murder. The ducklings show how the Montagues thought of the Capulets and vice versa. The man is like Juliet's father with his arrogancy. Promiscuity The girls hands being bound shows her becoming a slave to the pictures she posted online. The pregnant girl shows the consequences of promiscuity gone too far. Rash choices don't only affect you but also others. A man who has lost everything from addiction to alcohol A deadly decision-drunk driving The excitement of gambling is only short lived and the loss of money will weigh deep for a lot longer amount of time.
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