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English4callcenters .com

on 23 August 2015

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"To help you get a job in a call center by teaching you how to be fluent and confident in a very short time"

After this lesson you will be able to:​

Understand what call centers need
What are the main problems trainees face
Understand what is our formula
What students need to do on their own
What a coach needs to do on his-her own
Our program, basic, inter,advanced
Class environment , engagement, ten keys
Evaluations and calibrations
Recruitment and follow up.
quality and csat
The Selection and Hiring Process
Class Structure
Welcome 2-5 min
Mental training / Motivation 10 min
The Stars 5 min
Diet for Basic Level only 10 min
Prezi 50-60 min
Pronunciation workshop 20 min
Random exposition question or interview questions 5 min
Mental Training
Sandwich Tecnique
Learning Vocabulary Video Technique
Role Plays
Melody and Fluency
Retelling the Story
Program Structure

Stress and intonation
Accent and pronunciation
Grammar and verb tenses

What Call Centers are looking for:

English evaluation
85%-90% English level needed
Can your trainees do the following??
What are main problems candidates face
when applying in a call center??
-Lack of confidence
-Lack of vocabulary
-Incorrect usage of grammar tenses
-Lack of knowledge of customer service or sales

Our formula to success
what students need to do on their own.
-Do mental training
-Learn all English verbs present and past
- Review basic grammar tenses
-Learn real English vocabulary everyday-
-Practice their fluency in present, past , future
-Practice pronunciation
-To read
Answer : Follow our diet
Push your trainees to do it if not....
what you need to be doing ..on your own
Mental training.
-You are what you constantly think......
-if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand
Una dicho famoso dice: “Te convertirás en aquello en lo que piensas constantemente.” Se dice que en promedio una persona suele tener sesenta mil pensamientos por día…
Lamentablemente para muchos coaches ese dialogo interno no es precisamente sobre su éxito en las clases.
Algunos coaches pensamos simplemente en sacar la clase y ya…. en vez de estar pensando cómo hacer que los alumnos triunfen.
Señores, hay dos tipos de trabajos como coach uno es físico en clases y uno es mental. Desde luego, el trabajo de la mente es el más importante. Ahí se hacen las bases de su éxito en tus clases Tu empiezas a obtener más estudiantes que hablen con confianza y fluidez, más trainees que consiguen trabajo cuando empiezas a creértelo. Eres un coach exitoso y cuando te lo crees. Los estudiantes contratados no empiezan en las clases sino en la mente.
Tus clases serán exitosas no porque ya las tengas, sino porque ya te lo creíste,
: La creencia impulsa el éxito. Por eso hay una frase que dice: “lo que se mentaliza, se materializa”
Pensa como un coach exitoso, actúa como un coach exitoso y sucederá lo inevitable, te convertirás en un gran coach, Las raíces de tu éxito están en tu mentalidad, en tu creencia.

Our program
Objectives , differences in each level
your objectives in class
Push your students to the Call Center

Have your class engaged

Push them to speak English


sitting in the front

no cellphones

Educate them to be responsible with punctuality, attendance, homework

10 keys to being a great coach
Expositions structure
mistakes correction
class engagement

Prezis structure
Evaluations and calibrations
Knowing our website
Recruitment process

Quality and CSAT
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