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Magcon Tour

No description

Brianna Keeling

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Magcon Tour

Magcon Tour
Magcon Tour is a special event. You can see all your favorite vine boy and girls and a YouTube group called 'O2l'. You can by some of the vine famous and YouTube famous people collection. Magcon travels to different states to meet there fans.
This is some of the group, but sometimes they have special guest to meet there fans also.
How did Magcon Start?
Bart Bordelon is the founder of Magcon. Bart founded 9 boys and ask them to join the group. Bart found the boys of a international website called 'Vine'. That how it all started.
Matthew Espinosa.
Matthew Espinosa is famous for his Vines and YouTube videos. Matthew was born in Woodbridge, Virginia 1997. Matthew is sweet to his fans and hilarious on Vine and YouTube.
Cameron Dallas.
Cameron Dallas is really famous for everything he has been doing. Cameron Dallas and his friends where in the music video by Austin Mahone 'mmh yea'. Cameron is the oldest in the group. Cameron was born in Chino Hills, California 1994. Cameron is now 20years old modeling, making Vine and YouTube videos.
Carter Reynolds.
Carter Reynolds is a 17 year old that travels to Magcon to meet his fans. Carter was born in North Carolina, 1997. Carter is a Justin Bieber freak! Carter is known for scaring his mom and being normal Carter.
Nash Grier.
Nash Grier is famous on Vine and YouTube. Nah was born in North Carolina, 1997. Every girl obsess over Nash for his blue eyes. Nash is the second oldest in his family. Nash and Cameron Dallas was in Austin Mahones music video 'Mmm Yea'. Nash has a great personality.
Nash Greir on the right and Cameron Dallas on the Left side.
Or Nah is famous to say now.
All the boys.
Taylor Caniff.
Taylor Caniff is mostly vine famous but when he started out he was friends with the boys but never post any vines. When Taylor started getting famous all the girls started going crazy. Everybody knows Taylor for his 'Bandana'. Taylor was born in Indiana, 1996. He is the most sweetest funniest boy you'll ever meet. Taylor is such a 'Tool'. (Tool pick is where you take photos with no shirt).
Taylor Caniff Phone case.
Hayes Grier.
Hayes Grier is Nash Grier little brother. Hayes is a 13year old that lives in North Carolina. Hayes got famous when Nash posted a vine of Hayes dancing. Hayes is funny and has awkward dance moves. Hayes is a really sweet boy to hang out with. Hayes has Bright blue eyes like his brother.
Brent Rivera.
Brent Rivera is famous for his YouTube videos. Brent lives in California. Brent was a guest for the Magcon group but then after that he was official to Magcon. Brent has a famous word that he made up and now people say it 'Freck'. Brent is really nice and sweet to everyone he meets.
Shawn Mendes.
Shawn Mendes is a canadian boy that came from Canada to America. Shawn started of by making covers of him singing. Shawn got really famous for his amazing singing skills. Shawn is really nice. Shawn is only 15years old. If you were ever down Shawn would make you happy by singing you a song.
Jc Caylen.
JC Caylen was born september 11th, 1992 in Houston Texas. JC started making YouTube videos but then he made two channels. JC started the videos out with his group O2l. There are 9 guys. JC now lives in California with his 3 friends. JC is 21 years old now. JC real name is Justin Caylen Castillo. Sometimes JC travels with Magcon but he mostly with his group O2l.
Sam Portiff on the right side and JC Caylen on the left side.
JC Caylen touring with Magcon.
Jc Caylen.
Nash Grier.
Jack Johnson.
Aaron Carnpeter.
Jacck Glinsky.
Matt Espinosa.
Shawn Mendes.
Bart B.
Maghnagy Lox.
Sam Portiff.
Maghony Lox.
Aaron Carpenter.
Jack Johnson.
Jack Glinsky.
Sam Portiff is famous for his YouTube videos. Sam is part of the group O2l. Sam is good friends with the Magcon boys. Sam is 15years old now.
Aaron is famous for YouTube mostly. Aaron stared out Magcon 3years ago. Bart founded Aaron on YouTube and asked if he wanted to be a guest to the tour. Aaron was then official to Magcon.
Maghony Lox is a girl that started out to be a tumblr girl. Then she was getting noticed by some of her fans. Next thing you know she made YouTube videos and that when Magcon wanted a girl.
Jack Johnson is known for his singing skills. Jack gets mixed up with with the other jack. Jack started out vine and next morning he had 1,000 followers. Then he got even more famous. When Bart noticed Jack that how it all began. Jack J. and Jack G. made a new song called flights and distance. Jack is really sweet. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, 18 years old.
Jack Glinsky is known for his singing and dancing skills. Jack is vine famous. Jack G. and Jack J. both made new song and everybody loves it. Jack lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Jack met Jack J. in kindergarten because they had the same name and they had the same shirts on.
Jack Johnson and Jack Glinsky when they were younger.
Kian Lawley.
kian Lawley is in the group called O2L. Kian travels with O2l and Magcon. Kian now lives with His three bestfriends Jc, Rickey, and Connor. Kian is really funny on YouTube. Kian is really not the vine type but he sticks to YouTube.
Connor Franta.
Connor is in the group called 'O2l'. Connor started of with YouTube but then he started the group O2l. Connor travels with both to meet his fans. Connor now lives with his 3 bestfriend.
Ricky Dillion.
Connor Franta
Ricky Dillon
Kian Lawley
JC Caylen
Ricky Dillon travels more with his orginal group O2L. Ricky has his own famous word he says 'Yaasss'. Ricky lives in California with his 3 bestfriends. Ricky is the queen of sass.
O2L moments.
Magcon moments.
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