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The Medium is the Message

No description

Molly McMahon

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Medium is the Message

Message: Quote/Analysis Quote: "It is commonly assumed that as long as we protect the unchanging message of the Bible , the method of communicating doesn't such matter" (Hipps 25). How does the medium affect the message? THE TELEVISION IMAGE SHAPES US "When we watch television, we are oblivious to the medium itself. The flickering mosaic of pixilated light washes over us, bypassing our conscious awareness. Instead, we sit hypnotized by the program-the content-which has gripped our attention, unaware of the ways in which the television, regardless of its content, is re patterning the neural pathways in our brain and reducing our capacity for abstract thought" (26). Training out Eyes Because media has the power to shape us, "we need to train our eyes beyond the surface of our technologies" (Hipps 30). Shane Hipps Flickering Pixels The Medium is the Message This quote isn't entirely true because as Hipps points out: message and meaning are inseparable (25). By: Molly McMahon When our method changes, so does our message! Definitions: Medium: What we are trying to communicate to an audience. The means of doing something; a channel or system of communication.
Anything that stretches, extends, or amplifies human capacity. Ex: language, television, internet Ex: The Gospel Ex: "Bullhorn" Christians- how
is the way they communicate the gospel different than the norm? While this kind of street evangelism may be successful, it usually has the opposite effect. Non-Christians feel they are being condemned, judged and persecuted; not exactly the way we want to come across! The way Christians choose to share the gospel has a definite effect on the message. Ex: A sermon on TV- the television image actually shapes us. The screen itself is part of the message (26). This quote really stood out to me, what a powerful statement! Technology, and the medium in which we comprehend a message, has a hidden and detrimental influence. How do we achieve this? We need to teach ourselves to find the "hidden" messages. Technology and media act as obstructions, and it is our job to see past the barriers they have created. As Hipps suggests, it is like a Magic Eye poster. We have to do a of couple takes, but after a while the message is easier to spot. End Did you notice the background music of this presentation? I intentionally added a dramatic, instrumental piece to shape your mood. Did it have an effect? Was it distracting, annoying or inspiring? Were you oblivious to it? I know it did not really go with the presentation, but it was an experiment to see if the medium was successful. Thanks for watching!
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