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Civil Rights Era

No description

Keandre Edge

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Era

CIVIL RIGHTS EVENTS this is the march in wasington
were african americans came together
as one. this a picture of the freedom riders. The freedom riders traveled the
country to seek how wahow
different life styes were
This a picture of how blacks used to
sit in at white diners and ended up usally getting
beat up by the whites. this is the bus boycott were blacks did not ride the bus because of
rosa parks going to jail so they walked for about 380 days. Born February 4 1913 Rosa Parks was a big help to the civil rights movement. On december 1 1955 she refused to obey the orders from her bus driver to get out of her seat and move to the back of the bus so a caucasion man can sit down. She refuse to move because she just got off of work and she was tired. Martin Luther King was a clergyman he wanted equal
rights for all american in the world he had a dream, but that
dream soon ended we he was at the hotel he came out on his
balcony were he trying to get some fresh air not knowing
that will be his last day on earth King was assinated . These 9 students were the little rock 9.
They wanted to be the first to attend the
all white school of central high. Led by
Ernest Green The First to graduate from
Central High gave these kids something
they never had a journey. By the time he was 13 his father had died and
his mother was treated into a mental hospital
Malcolm soon became involed in hustlin and
criminal activities. That led to 8-10 years in
prision while in prision he join the Nation
of Islam. during march 1964 he left the
organization and less tha a year later he was
assassinated while giving a speech in new York. The Black Panther Party was an african american revolutionary left wing
organization for self defense for black people the groups flourishes permanently
altered the contours of American Idenity.
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