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No description

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of BRCA1


Some symptoms may include :
1. a small lump in the breast.
2. swelling in the armpit.
3. Pain or tenderness in the breast.
4. A noticable flattening or indentation
on the breast.
5. Change in the size, contour, texture,
or temperature of the breast
More information
The official name for BRCA1 is
"Breast Cancer 1, early onset."

The most significant risk factors for developing breast cancer is gender (being a female) and becoming older.

In 2013, more than 2.8 million women had a history of breast cancer in the United States. It included women being treated and women who have finished their treatment.

Cause of the
Breast Cancer is an autosomal dominant gene. That means that the person will inherit it from one parent, or another.




Testing and Screening
The two most common and effective ways to test for breast cancer is by a Mammogram or an M.R.I

Treatment Options
The three most common and most effective ways to fight breast cancer is through surgery, chemo therapy, or radiation.
Brief Description
1. How often does Breast Cancer occur in the population?
12% of women will be diagnosed with Breast cancer at some point in their life. Only .1% of Men will

2. Breast cancer is more frequent in women

3. Although all races and ethnicities have breast cancer patients within them, studies have shown white women are the most likely to get breast cancer
BRCA1 a.k.a Breast cancer stage one early onset, is when there is a very small clump of cancer cells in the breast or in a lymph node near the breast
Facts About this disease.
By: Adam Baldridge & Grant Turner
Is this disease life ending/threatening?
Breast cancer is the number two cause of death in women behind lung cancer. 1 out of every 36 person to get breast cancer will die. The earlier it is diagnosed and the better treatment the person gets the better chance at living they will have.
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