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This Blessed House

No description

Elise Newman

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of This Blessed House

A young Indian couple, Sanjeev and Twinkle, are recently married and have just moved into their new house.
Upon arriving, Twinkle begins to find symbols of Christianity throughout the house.
Sanjeev tells his wife to throw them away, reminding her that they are Hindu, not Christian.
But Twinkle is attached to the figurines and as the the week progresses, she finds more items and places each on the mantle
By the end of the week, Twinkle grows dismayed that she has found no new objects
Soon, she finds a portrait of Jesus, and due to the disappointment of Sanjeev, hangs it in her study out of site.
They often bicker about the mantle, especially on their way to Manhattan for a night out.
The narration provides information about how Sanjeev and Twinkle had only known each other for a short time before "their matchmakers....."
While preparing for their housewarming party, Twinkle finds a statue of the Virgin Mary. Sanjeev worries about what the neighbours will think, and again reminds Twinkle that they are Hindu, not Christian. Plot Outline SETTING Twinkle
Excited and delighted by little things
Sees finding these objects around the house as a game
Has authority over Sanjeev - seems to get what she wants
Outgoing/People person
Doesn't care what people think
Very intelligent
Grew up in California with her parents CHARACTERS AND RELATIONSHIPS SYMBOLS Third Person
Through the perspective of Sanjeev
Readers are more familiar with what he is thinking
More likely to share his view. NARRATIVE STYLE
Craves order and authority
Organised and neat: organises “his engineering texts from MIT in alphabetical order on a bookshelf…”
"We're not Christian" - perhaps uncomfortable with Christianity
Worried about the opinions of others
Parents still live in Calcutta They are very different people
Their relationship is built up of two completely different people. They are opposites in almost every way.

Unfamiliar with eachother
Met four months before the point in time when the story is set
"at the urging of their matchmakers, they married in India"
Are in their second month of being married
"He did not know if he loved her"

Sanjeev belittles Twinkle throughout the whole story
As Twinkle finds more and more Biblical items throughout the house, her relationship with Sanjeev weakens.
As the story comes to an end, Sanjeev, although unhappy with the display of Christian artefacts, accepts his wife's fascination with them. The relationship of these characters MARRIAGE Communication Cultural Differences Marriage Not arranged

New marriage

Unfamiliarity between the married couple - nearly strangers to one another

Relationship appears to weaken as the story progresses.
“Face it. This house is blessed.” Twinkle finds Christian symbols around their new house and believes that the house has been blessed.

Twinkles feelings are heavily contrasted by Sanjeev feelings. He is completely objective and is uncomfortable about Twinkles newfound obsession Religious objects
Personality differences
depicts the couples' difference values
Although both Twinkle and Sanjeev are Hindu, Sanjeev appears to be more of a connection to his Indian culture because his parents still live there

Twinkle makes a delicious stew with the vinegar which she was told to throw out
Symbolises that her way of doing things may not be wrong after all.
Before he and Twinkle had met, Sanjeev would order take out food
Those meals symbolised comfort and loneliness

Small symbol
Twinkle finds Sanjeev's taste in music boring
Again, highlights their differences
The song which Twinkle labels as boring is a "testament for love" - does she find her relationship boring? Would you be as sensitive as Sanjeev if someone placed another religion's symbols throughout your house on display? DISCUSSION Sanjeev lements about how he doesn't know if he loves Twinkle or not. Maybe he never did.
When Sanjeev declares that he will throw all of the objects out in the morning, Twinkle tells Sanjeev she hates him, then collapses in his arms in tears.
On the night of the housewarming party, Twinkle refuses to remove the Christian symbols from the mantle.
The guests of the party find Twinkle very charming and she explains the figurines and how every day is like a treasure hunt.
Intrigued, the guests follow Twinkle into the attic and they all begin to search for more treasures. Sanjeev remains downstairs and considers clearing the mantle while Twinkle is occupied.
Twinkle calls out from the attic. They have found a silver bust of Jesus. Sanjeev hates it, especially because she loves it so much, and he knows it will never find a home in her study as she promises.
In defeat, as Twinkle rejoins the party, he follows. Both, Sanjeev and Twinkle were born in America

Sanjeev's parents live in India

Twinkle's parents live in California

Maintained/Lost contact with Indian values. Do not communicate well for a married couple due to the lack of familiarity between them

Personality differences gives them little to talk about Set in present day
Connecticut, America
Suburban house
Twinkle is originally from California
Sanjeev is from Boston
Twinkle’s parents live in California
Sanjeev’s parents still reside in Calcutta
The couple were married in India.
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