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Interviewing Skills


Magali Ferber

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Interviewing Skills

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Interviewing
skills Why do you think interviews are an important stage of any application? Question INTERVIEW YOUR COMPANY To the attention of Mr Interviewer Thank you for having me today at your office.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Regards, Mr Interviewer,
Me Interviewee Help me! Prof Giovanni Turner ENG 230 Outline 1. Before the interview

2. Getting to the interview

3. The interview itself

4. After the interview 1. Before the interview - Print multiple copies of your most up to date resume

- Prepare for the interview by answering practice questions
(page 225, Toppel booklet, web....)

- Do research on the company, on the interviewer and on the positions you are interested in

- Practice at events like Toppel’s mock interview day

-Attend events to meet with companies you’re interested in and introduce yourself, ask questions at the end, stand out. 2. Getting to the interview - Arrive 10-15 minutes early

- Check in at the front desk

- No phone

- Make eye contact and smile

- Look relaxed, even if your nerves are killing you inside What to wear? 3. The interview itself i p s s Greeting:
critical first contact

- firm handshake
- maintain good eye contact
- smile (but not too much) Exchange of information:
questions and answers "Name a time when you worked in a group and had to overcome something" "What is your biggest weakness?" "why should i hire you?" "do you have any
questions for me?" - what expectations do you have for this position?

- does your company offer any training or professional development?

- what is your interview process? what are the next stages?

- what does success in this position look like to you? YES! (be prepared to ask) Parting:
The Exit - firm handshake
- be thankful for their time
- ask for business card - stop, think, and answer
- ask for clarification if you do not understand a question
- never answer YES/NO - use specific past examples
- Situation, Action, Result - Send a thank you email to everyone you interviewed with

- If job offered and accepted: Verbally accept and send back a signed offer letter

- If job offered and deferred: Refusal letter or email, and phone(personal opinion) 4. After the interview "tell me about yourself" "What is your style of leadership when placed in a group?" "Why did you choose to study at University of Miami?" "How many Delta Airlines planes will take off in the next hour in
United States? "
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