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Hinduism by: Ryan V, Amanda S, and Lauren P

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Michael Corvello

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Hinduism by: Ryan V, Amanda S, and Lauren P

By Amanda Stowe, Lauren Pope and Ryan Verdi
When Was Hinduism Started?
Hinduism started 5,000 years ago.
There is no particular founder of Hinduism.
It started in the Indus River Valley civilization
One of the oldest religions
It started Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism
The Indus River Valley Civilization
Buddhism vs. Hinduism
Hinduism was not founded by anyone but Buddhism was founded by Buddha.
Hindus believe in the four stages of life. Buddhist don't believe in the four stages.
The Beliefs
They believe in karma.
Karma is the belief when you do something good, good things happen and when you so something bad, bad things will happen to you.
They believe in reincarnation, which is to become one again.
They believe in Dharma, which is the golden rule.
They believe in multiple gods.
They believe in being vegetarians.
The Caste System
Priest and Scholar
Ruler and Warrior
Merchant, Trader and Artisan
Farmer and Laborer
The Avatars of Vishnu
The 10 avatars are used to symbolize the golden rule (treat people the way you want to be treated) or the rights on Earth during the stages of human revolution.
The Fish Avatar
The Tortoise Avatar
The Boar Avatar
The Man-Lion Avatar
The Dwarf Avatar
The Parasurama Avatar
The Rama Avatar
The Krishna Avatar
The Balarama Avatar
The Kalki Avatar
How many Hindus?
Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion.
Hinduism grew by .3 billion people between 2008 and 2010.
In 2015 there is about 1,288,727,391 Hindus. (total)
79% of those people are in India.
Hinduism is mainly practiced in India.
The Eternal Way
Youtube.com Hinduism Q and A: What is Karma?
What Karma is
Hindus believe that the Atman is good, but Buddhists say that the Atman is bad.
Atman is the belief that once a body dies, the soul does not.
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