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Ellipsis, Apostrophe, Hypen, and Dash

Hannah Jennewein

on 29 August 2011

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Transcript of Grammar

Ellipsis, Apostrophe, Hyphen, and Dash
-Show omission
-Comic strip books
-Show business ellipsis
Three Uses
-Illustrate removal of letters
-Formation of possessives
-Plurals of lowercase letters
-Compound numbers
-Two or more words serving as adjs.
-Avoids confusion
-Line breaks (syllables)
-With prefixes
Hannah Jennewein
Priyanka Vij
Victoria Flys
-Places emphasis on words
-Stronger than commas and parentheses
-Ranges and Values
-Relationships and Connections
1) How do you know where to separate a line break?
a. Wherever you think it sounds best
b. After the second syllable only
c. After any syllable
d. Exactly in the middle of the word

2) A _______ is stronger than a comma.
a. Hyphen
b. Apostrophe
c. Dash
d. Ellipsis

3) Which of the following would a hyphen be used for?
a. Compound numbers
b. Emphasis on words
c. Add in additional information
d. To conclude a sentence
4) All of the following are correct uses of apostrophe EXCEPT
a. Omission of letters
b. Formation of possessives
c. To place emphasis
d. Plurals of lowercase letters

5) When do you hyphenate two words?
a. Two words describing an object
b. Place emphasis
c. Removal of letters
d. Show omission
6) For possession use ___________.

7) How many periods are used in an ellipsis?

8) List one difference between a hyphen and a dash.

9) Comic strip books use which piece of grammar?

10) Which is used for a pause between dialogue?
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