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Living and Nonliving Things

No description

Jaden Johnson

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Living and Nonliving Things

Living Characteristics What Does Our
Life Cycle Look Like? Birth/Eggs Growth/Chicks Growth/Adults Living Characteristics 1. All Living Things Need Energy! Science It takes a chick 21
days to develop and
hatch out of an egg! Living and
Nonliving Things 2. All Living Things Grow and
Change Over Time! Energy helps living things to
grow, move, and breathe. Where do we get energy? We get energy from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and our sleep. 1. Baby 2. Toddler What is energy? 3. All Living Things Reproduce What does it mean to reproduce?

If living things could not reproduce, then all life would die out.

Animals and humans reproduce by having babies.
Plants multiply by reproducing seeds. 4. All Living Things Have a Life Cycle All animals and plants are born, grow old, and eventually die. Do nonliving things have a lifecycle? How are nonliving things produced?
Can they be made or created on their own? 3. Kindergarten What is a life cycle? 4. Second Grade What is this??? Key Words:
Fertilization 5. Middle School 6. High School 7. College https://kristinploof.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/life-cycle-of-a-chick-illustrated.pdf Chick Life Cycle Book Needs: Little chicks drink a lot of water. As soon as chicks hatch, they start
scratching for food. Just like all babies, chicks need play time.
They are curious and run around. Road Island Red Chicken
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