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Maya Angelou Life

No description

Melissa Valdivia

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Maya Angelou Life

By:Alani Dortch
Maya Angelou Childlife #1
Maya Angelou was born in St. Louis.Maya real name is Marquerite Annie Johnson.Maya birthday is on April 4,1928.Maya was given her nickname in the tweenties, after her dubut performance as a dancer at the Purple Onion Cabaret.Maya family are Vivan Johnson her mom,Bailey johnson her dad,and her brother Bailey Vivan was a nurse and a realtor.Bailey was a naval dietcian.
In 1944,a 16 year old Angelou gave birth to a son,Guy(a short lived high school relationship had led to the pregnacy),thereafter working a number of jobs to support herself and her child.In 1952,the futer literary icon wed Anastasios Angelopulos,a Greek sailor from whom she took her professional name-a blend of her childhood nickname'',Maya'', and shortened version of his surname.
Aldult Life
Maya Angelou Life
Maya Angelou childlife#2

1931-After her parents were divorce Maya and her brother were sent to with their grandmother in Stamps in Stamps in Aransas. Stamps is racially divided and Maya experiences being a black girl in the racist socety. Despite the odds, her grandmother manages to instill pride and reliousness.

Maya childhood#3

1936-Maya was sent back to Sant Louis to their mother. When maya was eight she was raped by her mother friend .That tragedy results in maya becoming mute for nearly five years. Maya is in Stamps again because no-one can handle the grim state Maya is in.In Stamps a woman named Mrs.Flowers comes to young maya resue.

Maya Education

Maya was an american author,poet,dancer,actress,and a singer.She published seven autobiographies,three books of essay,and several books of peotry,and maya was credited with a list of plays,movies,and television shows spanning over 50 years.Maya recieved
dozen of awards and more than 50 honoray degress.Angelou is best know
for her series of seven autobiographies.

Maya Tenage Life
Maya Death

Maya died at her home in Winston-Salem,North Caroline,On Wednesday,said her literay agent Helen Brann.Angelou had been''frail'' and suffering from heart promblems,the agent said.Angelou legacy is two fold.She leaves behind a body of important artistic work that influenced several generation.
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