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SHINee Key

SHINee's Almighty Key, Kim Kibum :D

Sobrina S

on 13 July 2011

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Transcript of SHINee Key

SHINee The best Korean boy band ever made, has someone special in their band. And that person is... The Almighty Key Facts About Key Real Name: Kim Kibum Stage Name: Key DOB:
23 of September 1991 He likes different colours but likes floral pink the most. He wants to get married early. His blood type is B. He makes mistakes but learns from them. He and his band agrees that he acts likes a spoiled child. He likes an honest girl who isn't afraid to be herself. He's a 'Triple-Threat'. He is gifted with singing, rapping and dancing in SHINee. He wears contacts and glasses. He LOVES dogs. He's good at imitating people and things. He is known as SHINee's fashionable member. He can't wash rice. He likes to solve things. He takes care of his things well. That's why he chose 'Key' as a stage name. He is afraid of heights. He is very good at water-skiing. e 'He said that he wants a baby that looks just like him to fall from the sky' Onew 'With my almighty-ness, I will make any noona (older girl) fall in love with me! Heeheee!' Key 'My type of girl would be ... Key' Jonghyun So I can now say ... 'I think the best and most improved trainee is Key' Jonghyun You should too. :D
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