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Hearty OatShake

Calfies New Functional Food

Melissa Li

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Hearty OatShake

Calfies' Hearty OatShake Only goodness gets through... Calfies' Priorities Calfies'
OatShake Non-starch polysaccharide
Soluble fibre
B-1,3 and -1,4 linkages
Naturally found in Oats
Health Benefits
Lowers cholesterol levels (total and LDL) Viscous nature
Increases viscosity of intestinal content
Decreases bile acids reabsorption
Increase in bile acid synthesis from endogenous cholesterol
Therefore decrease in cholesterol levels Mechanism of Action Proactively
and protect
value and
integrity Enhancing the adaptive
of the supply chain
to improve farm
margins and
growth opportunities New
Development Beta-Glucan No recommended level by FSANZ

No RDI set by NHMRC

EFSA, US FDA, Health Canada
3 g/day
Lowers LDL cholesterol by ~ 8%

No adverse effects have been reported from consumption > 3 g/day Efficacy and Safety Processing Impact Processing Flow Chart Calfies’ Hearty OatShake Competitors Nutrient Profiling Target consumers Legislative Compliance Woolworths Supermarkets
Limited Edition Family Pack @ $10.00 (up to $14.00) for 3 months
4 flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Coffee
Lucky Draw
Suzuki Swift GL
Bali Trip for 2
3 Cash Prizes ($500) Promotion Profit and Cost breakdown Calfies' Hearty Oatshake Wholesome goodness
Profitable Beta-glucan:
Viscoelasticitic property is important
Increase MW of beta-glucan
Increase bioactivity

To account for processing losses
Additional 10 g of oat powder added
Min 17% of oats (0.6% beta-glucan) still present
High pressure (medium temperature) pasteurisation Texture & sensory attributes:

High beta-glucan >>> Sweetness decreased

At neutral pH >>>>>>>>> Phase separation

Beta-glucan greater than 0.62% >>> Gelling

Coagulation Processing Impact (cont'd) Standard 1.2.4: Labeling of ingredients
Standard 1.2.5: Date marking of packaged product
Standard 1.2.6: Directions of use and storage
Standard 1.2.8: Nutrition information requirements
Standard 1.2.11: Country of origin
Standard 4.2.4: Primary production and processing standard for dairy product
Pasteurization process
Skim milk less than 1.5 g/kg Packaging
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