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The Book Thief

No description

Sahar Ahmadzai

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of The Book Thief

Chapter Analysis
Character development:
The Ninety-Eighth Day
The War Maker
- Liesel reads to Frau Holtzapfel that afternoon
Way of the Words
- Liesel was watching the parade for Max
- After Liesel and Rudy fed the Jews, they went to the train station where Papa was going to come that day
The End of the World (Pt 2)
- the sirens were too late when the bombs were dropped in Molching
Thematic Development
Love and Loss: After Michael Holtzapfel's return from war, he eventually hung himself for wanting to live and now Frau Holtzapfel is mourning for her 2 dead sons.
Character analysis:
Character development:
The Book Thief
By: Markus Zusak
The End of the World (Pt 1)
- Death foreshadows of how the world ended for Liesel Meminger
- the day Liesel's world was destroyed, bombs were being dropped on Himmel Street

- it was raining that day and the raindrops had eventually turned into ashes
- Rudy, Mama, Papa, Frau Holtzapfel, Frau Diller and Tommy Muller were all sleeping while Himmel Street was bombed
- Liesel survived by sleeping in the basement reading about the story of her own life
- After the explosion, men were digging for survivors. Liesel was one of the individuals
- Liesel was lucky that she was alive and was sleeping in the basement since the warning sirens were too late to wake everyone up
- Liesel shouts Papa's name while trying to find him after the bombing
- Hans returns from the war
- everything was going well until the ninety-eighth day of his return
- more Jews were marched through the street
- Michael Holtzapfel commited suicide. He hung himself off of the rafters at the laundry near Frau Diller
- a large crowd gathered to witness this returned soldier's death
- Frau Holtzapfel yelled Michael's name 12 times then hugged the body of her dead son for an hour
- Hans stays with Frau Holtzapfel while she mourned for her two dead sons. Her screams filled the street
- Michael Holtzapfel had died and he was buried
- on that day the city of Hamburg had been bombed
- death states that he had to carry approx. 45,000 dead people from the Hamburg bombing
- the Fuhrer (Hitler) kept the extermination and punishment of the Jewish plague
- Max Vandenburg was captured and he brought to the german camps to work and walk
- Since Papa's arrival was going to take a long time, Rudy decided to fetch Rosa and eventually he told her about the Jewish incident
- For 3 days, Liesel stayed in bed and on the fourth day, she decided to meet Rudy where they distributed the bread the previous year
- she confesses the secret about Max and who she was looking for that day when they were distributing the bread.
- After Rudy listened, he was surprised that she had told Max about him
~ What she didn't confess is how much she wanted Rudy to kiss her, and she faked her feeling with words and verbal irony
- she also confesses why she faked the injury during their game of soccer
- there was another parade of Jews heading to Dachau
- Liesel and Max made eye contact as he was passing by and she walked into the tide of Jews towards him
- a soldier spotted her with Max and told her to get out. When she didn't listen, she got dragged out.
- Liesel was rebellious and goes back into
the street. She then stopped and said Max's
- Max turned around and closed his eyes
as Liesel spoke
- Liesel quoted a paragraph from "The Word Shaker"
- a soldier catches them and they both
get whipped on the street
- Rudy keeps Liesel from
running after the Jews
The Rib-Cage Planes
- Liesel continues to write in her new little black book
- she fell asleep in the basement and the next morning Rosa came down to wake her up
- every night, Liesel would go down to the basement and write
- Munich was bombed again while she was asleep downstairs.
- Liesel didn't hear the cuckoo or sirens so Papa came down to wake her so they could go to their neighbours basement
- Death wonders what Liesel was reading when the first bomb dropped from the plane onto Himmel Street
- Death describes what activity certain characters are doing as the bombs came down (awake, alseep, in the kitchen, etc...)
- after the bombing, the LSE pulled Liesel out of the basement and she was wailing and screaming for Hans Hubermann
- she then saw some men carry a small body so she followed them
- it turned out to be Rudy. Liesel tried desperately to revive him but he was dead. She then kissed him on the lips
- Liesel then moved to Mama's and Papa's body
- she imagined Papa standing up and playing the accordion
- she wept by Hans Hubermann until she was gently taken away
- Liesel becomes surprised and very unaware of her environment after seeing the destruction on Himmel street
-Liesel becomes more emotional and panics "her face creased as she reached a higher, more panic-stricken pitch. Papa,
" pg 499
Thematic development:
Luck: Liesel was very lucky to survive because her basement was not very deep. Also, she fell asleep in the basement to the book that saved her life
Foreshadowing- "only one person survived" pg 498/ Death states "Earlier, I'd held her papa in one arm and her mama in the other. Each soul was so soft" pg 499
Literacy devices:
Simile/Imagery- "the sky was dripping. Like a tap that a child has tried it's hardest to turn it off but hasn't quite managed" pg 497
Character vs society
Key quotation:
"She was still clutching the book. She was holding desperately on to the words who had saved her life" pg 499
Thinking question:
In your opinion, why did Liesel deserve to live and how would the story have changed if Liesel had died?
Character analysis:
Character development:
Hitler still has control over the jews and does not plan to lessen in war making
Thematic development:
War- in this chapter it shows that the war between the jews and nazi Germany has not stopped
Literacy devices:
Foreshadowing- "There was the smell of freshly cut coffin" Pg 506
Hyperbole- "He certainly had an iron will" pg 506
Character vs antagonist- Max Vandenburg (jews) vs. Hitler
Key quotation:
"In those camps, many people were still made to work and walk, Max Vandenburg was one such jew" pg 507
Thinking questions:
How do you think Max Vandenburg gets captured?
Why would Hitler be considered as a war maker?
Rosa becomes more calm and nice
Liesel feels more attracted to Rudy and she has the desire of kissing him
Rudy becomes more mature and less inquisitive than before
Thematic development:
Confession/care: characters in this chapter are more caring (ie. Liesel, Rosa, Rudy) Liesel likes Rudy/ Rudy understands Liesel and Rosa cares for Liesel by knowing not to yell at her. Liesel confesses her promise to Rudy but, only does it with care and awareness.
Literacy devices:
Imagery: "There were long shapes of light and shade. Pine cones were scattered like cookies" pg 517
Verbal irony: "Of course i told him about you" pg 518 (At that state Liesel didn't really mean about what she said because she didn't want to show her feelings towards rudy with words but, with a kiss.
Character vs self: Liesel
Key quotations:
"He was her best friend and he was a month from his death" pg 518 (foreshadowing)
"She was saying goodbye and she didn't even know it" pg 518 (foreshadowing)
"Rudy if i tell you something, will you promise not to say a word to anyone" pg 517 (trust)
"Thank you, Rudy. For everything. For helping me off the road, for stopping me... she said none of it." pg 517 (care)
Thinking questions:
How does Liesel feel about Rudy now than before?
Do you think Rudy will get his kiss?
Death is trying to grab your attention with the clues of Rudy's death, is it making you more questionable?
Ilsa Hermann's Little Black Book
-Liesel gets thoughts about going to the mayor's library
-Once Liesel sneaks into the mayors library and grabs a book to read. She has thoughts about her sights and what she had hoped for in the future
-Frustrated she rips a page from the book she had and starts to tear it all apart
-Once the book is destroyed, she feels bad and then writes a letter to the mayors wife apologizing for the book and leaves it on her desk
-She say's her last goodbye, running her hands over the titles of the book shelf's and then
-Frau Hermann visits Liesel and gives her a

write inside the basement because, that is

-Which gives Liesel a better reason to

where her story unfolds
little black book to write in.
Chapter Analysis:
Character development:
Liesel becomes more harsh with words (Rips the book apart then regrets it)
Liesel and Frau Hermann are more caring to each other (Liesel regrets her mistake and Ilsa not getting mad at Liesel for ripping the book
Thematic development:
Care and trust- Liesel and Ilsa trust each other by having the ability to go and talk to each other again even though they made mistakes
Literacy Devices:
Imagery- "The water was glorious and emerald and rich. She could see the stones at the bottom and hear the familiar song of water" pg 520
Simile- "She started rising, like a monster out of the sand" pg 520
Onomatopoeia- "slicing potatoes" pg 520
Simile- "Her scream traveling the street, till it fell sideways like a rolling coin starved of momentum" pg 520
Character vs self: Liesel
Key Quotations:
"The world did not deserve such a river" pg 520
"She left the note on the desk and gave the room a last goodbye, Doing three laps and running her hands over the titles. As much as she hated them, she couldn't resist" pg 522-523
Thinking Questions:
Why do you think Ilsa is such an important person in Liesel's life?
The little black book that Ilsa gave to Liesel does it now give her purpose in life? How and Why?
Literary Devices
Forshadowing - "Until the ninety-eighth day" pg 500. Death states earlier that everything was fine within the first ninety-seven days of his return. This foreshadows something bad will happen on the next day.
Character vs self
(Michael Holtzapfel)
Key Quotation
"Another human pendalum.
Another clock, stopped." pg 502
Character Development
Liesel becomes rebellious and does not listen to the soldier's orders to stay off of the street.
Thematic Development
Relief - Liesel managed to find Max in the crowd of Jews and she is relieved that he is alive.
Literary Devices
Personification - "The voice was crippled but it dragged itself toward her." pg 510
Character vs society
(A German was holding on to the arm of a Jew in Nazi Germany)
Key Quotes
"There were twigs of hair, just like Liesel thought, and the swampy eyes stepped across, shoulder to shoulder over the other Jews." pg 510
" Max... 'There was once a strange, small man... But there was a word shaker, too.' " pg 512
" 'Is it really you? the young man asked,' " she said. " 'Is it from your cheek that I took the seed?' " pg 512
Key Quotes
"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." pg 528
Thematic Development
Excitement: Since Ilsa gave Liesel the book, she would go down to the basement every night and try to complete 10 pages of her life. This story is the story Death is narrating for us.
Character Development
Liesel is now alone since her family and friends died in the bombing.
Thematic Development
Death - Liesel is the only survivor on Himmel Street. Her family and friends are all dead.
Literary Devices
Metaphor : "Papa was an accordion!"
pg 537
Character vs Fate
(Liesel and the bombing)
Key Quotes
"She leaned down and looked at his lifeless face and Liesel kissed her best friend, Rudy Steiner, soft and true on the lips." pg 536
"Papa was a man with silver eyes, not dead ones. Papa was an accordion! But his bellows were all empty nothing went in and nothing came out." pg 537
"It's lucky I was there. Then again, who am I kidding? I'm in most places at least once, and in 1943, I was just about everywhere." pg 537
- Death took The Book Theif from the garbage truck it was thrown in.
Thinking Question
Why does Liesel take the risk of going back into the parade of Jews just to quotes lines from the book Max wrote for her, which ends up with them both being whipped?
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