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Who are the seigneures

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sean hogan

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Who are the seigneures

Who are the seigneurs
The seigneurs and seigneuries are people who one the favor of the king by having great responsibility. To be able to own their own land and have people work for them.
The seigneur Keep controll of so much by staying at the top of the hill and look down. The seigneur ride horses around the land because the land is 5x15 Km
How the Seigneur keep control of so much land?!
How was the field laid out
The field was laid out with the seigneur at the top to look down and to represent high authority. The seigneuries stayed in the middle of the field working at the mill. The Habitats worked down at the bottem of the hill
The seigneur work at the top tasting the food to see of its good. The Seigneure go down to the bottem og the hill to get dirt samples to see if the habitats flip the soil on time.They also look for new land in the spring and replant grass where they were in the end of summer
What did the seigneur's do
Who worked for the seigneur
The Habitats worked for the the seigneur because the habitats where very skilled farmers when they worked at home. Now the seigneur pay them to work that's how the habitats keep working for the Seigneur.
How did the seigniorial system work?
The seigniorial system worked by having three areas and a slated hill With water going through the middle to provide water
The habitants where able to stay over night becuase the seigniorial system must concisest of 10 cabins that can fit 5 people in each
How were the habitants able to stay over night
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