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EdTech Integration

What factors can we evaluate to know educational technology is being utilized in the classroom to promote learning?

Melinda Sears

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of EdTech Integration

EdTech Integration How can we tell if technology is being used for learning? Tech & Curriculum Is there an eye toward assessment? Is curriculum becoming more rigorous and demanding, or are we just adding another layer to do the same things? Is effective planning in place to develop leadership? Is content being developed or only consumed? Is technology being used in ways that improve teaching and learning? Are students and teachers making global connections, or are they staying within the school walls? Is there clear alignment of technology with curriculum or is it being used just for the sake of using it? Are you watching the difference between what boys and girls as well as students of different socioeconomic statuses are doing with technology? Are students always relying on the same search engines? Are they cross-referencing with other sources? Are students using primary sources of information? How are students being grouped? Are groupings heterogeneous and of multiple ability levels? Are teachers making it a point to create balance in the lives and skills of their students? It's not just enough to give access. If you see students not engaged, question it. There is a reason. Are we tapping into their strengths and learning differences? Are students being taught to look critically at the information they are pulling in as a result of their searches? Are they using appropriate search and information evaluation techniques? ...the ability to leverage tools and resources in a meaningful and productive way will help us go the distance in preparing our [students] to become community leaders tomorrow. Pencils are cheap, but technology is not...Effective uses of technology allows teachers and students to do things that would have been nearly impossible to do just five years ago. Are teachers and students taking advantage of making global connections outside the classroom? At home, students are fully engaged in the creation of movies, podcasts and photo albums for a variety of purposes. At school, many are having these experiences stripped from them as they walk in each morning. Having students produce content, and putting that content up for a global audience to review and critique creates excitement in the classroom as well as a sense of pride and ownership within each student. Student blogs and online portfolios are both great ways of following student progress. They can be used for self reflection and immediate real time feedback from the teacher and others in a global community...we must think beyond the test. Are we seeing these new generation tools being used to enrich and deepen understanding? Technology is not a vision - learning is. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oSD5BBrRH-9cN0LlDM_RGQBRMbDHa4W2-VqXSHdpo8Y/edit?pli=1 Questions from November Learning Technology Integration Matrix http://edudemic.com/2012/12/correctly-integrating-technology/
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