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Annex Teen Clinic

No description

Brooke Thomson

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Annex Teen Clinic

Once again it is time to reflect upon the past year and our efforts to provide high quality sexual health services for young people. One of the guiding themes of 2015 for me was the adoption of our new strategic plan. In many ways, the conclusion of a planning process feels like an accomplishment in and of itself, but the reality is that the work is just beginning.

The primary themes we will be exploring over the next five years include the impact of the Affordable Care Act on our patients and the business models for specialty reproductive health clinics like the Annex. We are also excited about further integration of youth development principles into our expertise of sexual health and the promise that offers for a more expansive understanding of adolescent sexual health. Finally, we will continue to explore how we make our services more accessible, both culturally and geographically, in order to address the unacceptable disparities in sexual health indicators among young people of color in our service area.

Our board members and staff have been diligent over the past year exploring these big ideas and challenging goals we’ve laid out for ourselves in the plan. When opportunities and challenges appeared on our meeting agendas, we’ve returned to the strategic plan for guidance on how best to proceed. I am thrilled with the value our new plan has brought to our strategic discussions and am convinced our hard work during the planning process will pay off over the next few years.

I hope you will join us in support of our mission.

Brian Russ
Executive Director
Mission Statement:
The Annex Teen Clinic helps young people take charge of their sexual health by providing confidential health services and education.
2015 Board of Directors:

Kelly Fries, Chair Gretchen Griffin
Martha Pakan, Vice Chair Sandy Naughton
Jessica Jerney, Secretary Winston Gordon
Barry Schade, Treasurer Sheila Nesbitt
Dave Esposito Renee Gilmore
Beth McCray Maree Hampton
Kristin Kinney-Schulze

Staff Leadership Team:

Brian Russ, Executive Director
Brooke Stelzer, Director of Sexuality Education
Diane Murray, Director of Clinical Operations
Brooke Thomson, Director of Development & Communications
Letter from the Executive Director
Client Demographics
Education Program
Services include: community and classroom presentations, puberty education programs, trainings for professionals, parent education programs, and facilitation of evidence-based curricula
Clinic Program
"I've got big dreams and goals, and that means no babies for awhile! It's amazing how you make these services less stressful and create a comfortable and safe place to get birth control. Thank you!"
By The Numbers
of youth report an increase in knowledge and confidence using birth control and negotiating safer sex after attending an Annex education program

of sexually active youth are screened for chlamydia and gonorrhea according to eligibility protocols

of sexually active women are compliant with their primary or back-up method of birth control at 3-month checks

of clients felt the clinic staff were non-judgmental and would recommend the Annex to a friend
The Impact
Annex Teen Clinic
2015 Annual Report

Services include: birth control, birth control information sessions, emergency contraception, STI testing & treatment, HIV testing, pregnancy testing & all-options counseling, pelvic exams, pap smears, and colposcopies
In 2015, the clinic served 1,567 youth.
In 2015, 4,721 youth were reached through education programs.
The Annex provides services in Northwest Hennepin County and North Minneapolis.
American Indian: 1%
Asian: 11%
African American: 42%
White: 38%
Multiracial: 7%
Other: 1%
Hispanic/Latino: 9%

Revenue by Sources Assets

Government Grants: 1,310,597 Current Assets: 620,226
United Way: 84,663 Noncurrent Assets: 799,205
Private Funds: 187,830 Total Assets: 1,419,431
In-Kind Services: 13,638
Patient Fees: 608,191 Liabilities and Net Assets
Other: 331 Current Liabilities: 137,406
Total Revenue: 2,205,250 Notes Payable: 263,780
Total Liabilities: 401,186
Expenses by Program
Health Care 960,538 Net Assets: 1,018,245
Health Education: 1,018,172
Mgmt & General: 204,219 Total Liabilities & Net Assets:
Fundraising: 78,290 1,419,431
Total Expenses: 2,261,219

"Thank you! The Annex has helped me so much, in ways my mom and dad can't. It's kept me safe, and I'm so grateful!"
"Thank you for providing a place to come to for help! I thought I was pregnant, and I was so scared. I'm not, but I decided to come learn about birth control because I never want to feel not in control of my body like that again. Thank you!"
"Thank you for being here during the hard time of turning 18 and being uninsured. Thanks to you, I can still be healthy and safe!"
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