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PCTV Team Positions 2014-2015

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Joanna Szymanski

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of PCTV Team Positions 2014-2015

PCTV Team Positions 2014-2015
Broadcast Intern
This is the entry-level position for PCTV.
All starting 9th grade students will automatically begin with this position upon enrolling in the course. They will be responsible for becoming familiar with all PCTV positions and operations and demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of the PCTV Intro Levels.
Social Media Coordinator
This position is responsible for the social media "face" of their Media Production Team. They will ensure that their team's content is echoed throughout the various forms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. They will also coordinate viewer participation in PCTV productions using such mediums. Contests & viewer surveys will also be administered.
Photographer / Editor / Video Journalist
Chief Editor
General Assignment Reporter
Correspondent / Beat Reporter
News Anchor
Sports Anchor
Web Producer
Responsible for the transfer of produced show content to PCTV's website, podcasts, Vimeo, and rss feeds. They will upload, format, and layout show stories as well as promote upcoming events and coverage. They will work with the Producer to ensure that the PCTV website includes all weekly stories and stays up to date.
Responsible for videography and editing of show stories. They will work with reporters and producers to shoot and edit content for PCTV productions.
Responsible for ensuring that all stories are edited and prepared for air. They will export all finalized pieces and organize them for show playback. They will edit teases and promos for upcoming stories. They will maintain editing workstations and associated equipment. They will also work on creating all show graphics and lower thirds. Requests will come from Reporters, the Producer, and the News Director.
This position will propose, plan, gather, write, edit, and report for PCTV. They will cover stories that they submit along with those given to them by the Chief Editor.
Responsible for coordinating all show content for their respective team. They will manage the production of all stories by supervising all reporter / photographer news teams, stacking show rundowns, assigning times to stories, deciding on format types, and more. They are ultimately responsible for the final product of their team.
The Anchors are responsible for the writing of news stories, organization of scripts, and on-air delivery of PCTV Productions either in-studio or live on location. They will also be required to produce extended feature stories on a monthly basis.
The Sports Anchors are responsible for the writing of sports stories, organization of scripts, and on-air delivery of the sports section of PCTV either in-studio or live on location. They will also be required to produce extended feature stories on a monthly basis.
This position is the same as the General Assignment Reporter with the added responsibility of covering a specific topic or subject area. For example, a reporter's beat might be school clubs. In this case, the reporter would always be responsible for making sure that all school clubs are represented and covered in PCTV broadcasts. They would be the primary contact for all stories related to school clubs.
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