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Army life

No description

Chloe Baldock

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Army life

Army Life
What is the army??
Poppy Appeal
The British Army is made up of young people but it is not just for boys, girls join in too.
Marine Army
Anti-aircraft warfare‎ Artillery‎
Military aviation‎
Conscript militaries‎
Military engineering‎
Irregular military‎
Reserve forces‎
Special forces‎
Staff (military)‎
Stay-behind organizations‎
Military units and formations by type
In the trenches and bunkers tension will be high,but they some how work as a team.In the army you HAVE to trust everyone with your life.
Origins of the poppy
The use of the poppy was inspired by the World War I poem "In Flanders Fields". In the poem the poppy was the only flower on the battle field,and the red tells of the blood.
what is it ?
The poppy appeal is wear people wear poppy's to remember the fallen.
How does it work ?
Now a days you pay some money and you get a little red poppy to wear.

How they cooperate?
Their type of cooperation..
Front line work-
Working in the front line is hard but they keep their heads down and protect themselves and their team.
British army team
Everyone can join the army !!
How can they work as a team in such bad conditions?
When you go in the army you make your country proud and most importantly your loved ones !!!!
"Head down, body's tight, only a few will live tonight"
what it takes to be a soldier
Qualities of soldiers!!
Types of army!!
They always have to have confidence
and bravery you must be a good
follower and faithfulalso faimilar

And more !!!
You need to be able to work a gun!!!
Animal Bonding!
What are the consequences of being a soldier!!
"Dogs are an humans best friend!!"
Living loud,standing tall,with out us the world would fall .
Going into war and puting your
life at risk scared hat u point your
gun wrong worried that your going to
They train dogs to help the army and police find things lke bombs and drugs.
The army use lots of different animals!!
(not ones like this though!)
Training !!
You have boards which
The army use alot of different types of animals,
most of them dont survive long as they are not as fit as they should be,eg:horses dont get alot of rest,food,water.

But back in the days they used birds,
to carry messages to other people.
Cleaning your boots, ironing
your uniform and kit inspection also practising using guns

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