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Copy of Grateful Patient Program

No description

Colleen Sandrin

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Grateful Patient Program

Grateful Patient Program
Patient Outreach Methods
Patient Visits
Gifts (St. Joe's Baby onesie)
Care Pages
Direct Mail
Discharged Patient Calls
Volunteers call all patients A-E with goal of scheduling meeting with fundraiser
Script and training for callers
Coordinate timing with Service Excellence
Engage Key Stakeholders
Senior Leadership
Patient Visits
Prospect Identification
WPOT Scores Daily
Who Reviews the lists?
Who visits what patients?
What do we do with new data; i.e., service line and email address
Acquisition Mailing
This might include something more than or different from Discharge mailing
Identify target for this specialized mailing
In Waiting Areas
In Patient Rooms
At Nurses' Stations
In Discharge Paperwork
Discharged Patient Mailing
Mail to WPOT A-E discharged patients within 60 days
Segmentation based on service line
Develop process for recognition of caretakers if tribute donation is received
Welcome Series
Series of mailings, possibly primarily electronic, for cultivation once a Grateful Patient makes a tribute gift
Care Pages
Targeted Service Lines
Cancer Services
Women's and Infants' Services
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