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Lauren Macmurdo* and Emily Pierce

Lauren Macmurdo* and Emily Pierce

Angela Altazan

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Lauren Macmurdo* and Emily Pierce

People Love Lincoln
People admire Abrham Lincoln as our 16th president and more! 67% on average in the world want to keep the memory of our beloved president Abrham Lincoln. Meanwhile, 4% do not even know because of pressure!! Pennies are mainly helpful for charities. Pennies are loved in the world, and should be kept in dear love in harmony.
Penny Please
Many charities count on the penny for survival. They sit and wait for some kind person to drop of a little bit of money to have."There are thousands of small charities that depend on pennies." Many orphnages also count on the penny too. The felling of death breaks many peoples hearts.
When the penny came to be the Native Americans had already joined the English colonies. They were thinking of a way to celebrate the Americas, mainly the English for new land. The Natives had many reasources found and kept.
Including Copper!!
So, the Natives and English men went to work for the new creation to spread in the world. Now, our new
penny came to be.
Good Copper
"HI people of the world," Im Lauren Macmurdo and Im Emily Pierce. We want to weclome you to the "Penny Debate." The "Penny Debate" shows the pessure and very important desion to keep or destroy the penny. We will get back to you after this very important message.
Without pennies stores will rasie the prices
After this breaking story you should be thinking, "Hum..." That is what you should be thinking. "
Cost 2 cents to make each one cent coin.
The expense to make pennies
30% of the US wants to get rid of the penny
Stores will round up the prices for
your green
their green
There are thousands of small charities that depends on the penny for life!!
first penny
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