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Website Word Audit

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Website Word Audit

Website Word Audit
even with the comma,
i don't like this. People's eyes will scan past.
too conceptual?
And also doesn't speak to a tangible benefit.
Open mouths
Drop jaws
Change minds
Seal deals
Blow away the competition
Create an impact
Stand out from the crowd
across x2
across the room and time zones
not strictly words, but does this info belong on the front page? Isn't this for investors. It makes us seem like we're trying to justify ourselves.
What does this actually mean? It sounds great, but in an everyday practical way what does this mean and why is it going to make my life better?

Better presentations
A better way to showcase your ideas
You're better than slides
So much more than just slides
Again, very conceptual. How does this directly benefit me?

Wow your audience with a three dimensional presentation

But what are we actually trying to say?
What we don't say
A better way of making presentations
Prezi is there for you from brainstorming through to presenting
People who present with Prezi, get a better reaction.
Prezi enables you to get the results you want/need
Prezi is a movement. People around the world use this thing and they love it! Cool people. People you want to be!
no offense to mothers, but no need for uppercase
feels clumsy, I'd move
or delete
"Ah so that's what prezi is!"
Still quite conceptual.

Start making your first zooming masterpiece now

Make your first better presentation now

Speaks to actual things that it actually does! And these are great things
I said it at the time, I still think this is too bold a claim especially as we don't say how
Prezi was made for an iPad touchscreen
Just a personal preference
Nasty horrible grammatical error
Let's call it what apple calls it
do we need on the go and wherever we are? It's repeating
Prezi for iPhone automatically syncs with your online library,so you know you're always looking at the most up-to-date version of your work. Can't get online? Prezi for iPhone stores your most recent prezis on your device.
Jaws hit the floor
Eyes light up
People get hired
Sales are made
People grasp what you're saying
No-one sleeps
Everyone listens
not easier, better. We're a quality brand.Prezi isn't a quick fix. It's a top-notch game changer.
We got you covered, whatever the eventuality, whoever screws up. We're there, online/offline, pc, ipad, phone, the lot.
I'll send you a copy of the presentation - X

I have it in a prezi right here. Take a look - YES
If we're going to say this, let's show it too.
A massive use case

Why are they buried on the education page?
This is on the explore page. I wrote a tool tip explaining reusable but it doesn't appear.
ugly and against our style guide
The Personal Touch
Why are they your prezis and not my prezis?
My drive
My profile
My notebook
missed opportunities for humor

The tiny words that you really should read, but probably won't.
Boring little words for lawyers.
Who gets it right?
What it is
How it helps
Why it's amazing
How it's going to change the world
How it's an entirely different concept of document creation
do people know what a EULA is?
Comparable products don't use this abbrev.
People seem to like us.
Why can't we say that it's awesome to work at Prezi? What's all this save the world crap?
A bullet point list for a company that makes a product that challenges the conventional? It continues like this inside. ALL future job postings should be in a prezi.Takes too long? There's the motivation to make the product easier!

F' me. Who wouldn't want to work here?
And it's the level of quality to which we should aspire.
What Stevie wants to hear
I speak to Stevie's nearly every day. 100's of them each month when I do trainings. Often they look at me as if to say "who are you and what are you doing here?" -This what they respond to:
Big reveal move:
"Zoom out to connect your audience to your entire story"
"Stand out with beautiful visuals made easy"
"Present your content in an engaging and memorable way"
Enter Present mode:
Insert images:
"Actual user quote from yesterday on what makes a good presentation. later on I asked what makes a good prezi, she said, the same thing:"
“Help people understand complex ideas visually.”
I suck
Press releases
Error messages
Support communication
Job postings
These are people that love their job. It's more than the 9-5 and in a fun way.
We need to combat their fears. Novelty is scary to some people.
Will my clients think I'm arrogant?
Is it safe?
Meetings Use Case
A more effective way to have meetings
"Helps people understand me better"
"Be understood"
It's more than the transitions, these people want to sell better, communicate better. Find a way of getting their shit done more effectively.

Dropbox & the cloud
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