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Psychology: Outrageous Celebrity Project

Various behaviors of Lindsay Lohan on the Psychological Perspectives

Lexi Henry

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Psychology: Outrageous Celebrity Project

The Outrageous Actions of Lindsey Lohan
Eating Disorder;
Lindsay Lohan admitted to having Bulimia, an eating disorder which involves repeated binging and purging. Lohan admitted her disorder to writers of Vanity Fair Magazine and credited Saturday Night Live Producer Lorne Michaels and head writer Tina Fey for helping her solve her eating disorder
-Lohan had a distorted body image of herself causing her to feel the need to lose weight rapidly. [Humanistic]
-Lohan may have experienced dreams in which she was overweight; depending on her interpretation, she could have taken this as the unconscious desire to be skinny/perfect. [Psychodynamic]
-Certain chemicals which controled hunger and appetite may have been unbalanced in Lohan's brain. [Biological/Neuroscience]
-Eating Disorders ran in Lohan's family. This is often the case. [Evolutionary]
-Lohan responded to excessive lonliness, depression, anxiety or anger in a negative manner and felt the need to try and become perfect. [Behavioral]
-Lohan misinterpreted certain statements and behaviors that other people exhibited; for example, perhaps a colleague was on a diet. Lohan could have possibly mistaken this behavior as a competition or a way of saying "skinny is the way to go". [Cognitive]
-It is the American culture to be skinny, as we can clearly see on the cover of gossip magazines. [Socio-cultural]
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Drug Abuse [Multiple Accounts]
On one account, Lohan tried cocaine "just to see what it was like". On another account, Lohan checked herself into rehab because she had taken Ambien (a sleeping aid which causes hallucinations) and she woke up on the bathroom floor with the bathtub overflowing. On another account, she crashed into a tree drunk while paparazzi was following her.
-Lohan had a poor self image and she abused drugs in an attempt to make herself feel better. [Humanistic]
-Lohan had unconscious desires to be rebellious as a result of her status as an actress/singer. It is possible that she felt the pressure to be perfect because she was famous. [Psychodynamic]
-Brain structures which control inpulse may have malfunctioned and caused Lohan to go from being an occasional user to an addict. [Biological/Neurological]
-Drug Abuse/Addiciton may have run in the family. [Evolutionary]
-In an attempt to escape from the pressures of being a celebrity, Lohan resorted to drugs to ease her stress. [Behavioral]
-Lohan misinterpreted the role of a celebrity and felt the need to be perfect. This caused a large amount of stress on her life, and she felt the need to act rebellious. As a result, she began to use drugs. [cognitive]
-American celebrities often use drugs. For this reason, Lohan may have believed that drug use was 'cool' and 'the way to be'. [Socio-cultural]
Lohan was accused of stealing a Rolex watch from a friend of hers as well as a Mink Coat from Maria Markova in a nightclub. Trials against Lohan could ruin her career unless she decided to take the deal that was offered to her and plea guilty.
-Lohan had a negative self image and she thought that if she could have certain expensive things paired with rebellious behavior, she would feel better about herself. [Humanistic]
-Lohan had unconscious desires to be more rich than she already was as a result of her career. Since she could not make a larger salary, she resorted to getting the things she wanted by means of stealing. [Psychodynamic]
-Brain structures/chemicals which controlled Lohan's inhibition were not functioning properly at the time of her thefts. [Biological/Neurological]
-Stealing and other criminal behaviors may have run in the family. [Evolutionary]
-Lohan felt a need to escape the pressures of being a celebrity by going out on a limb and acting rebellious. To do this, she turned to kleptomania. [Behavioral]
-Lohan saw things that other people had and felt that since she did not have those things, she was not good enough. In an effort to feel better about herself, she got the items that she wanted by means of stealing. [Cognitive]
-Celebrity criminal activity is highly publicized and celebrities in jail are not treated the same as normal inmates. Lohan could have taken this variation in treatment and believed that it was okay in American culture for celebrities to commit crime. [Socio-cultural]
E-Trade Lawsuit;
Lindsay Lohan sued the E-Trade company for 100 million dollars as a result of one of their commercials released during the superbowl. Lohan believed that the line "And that milkaholic Lindsay wasn't over?" was a reference to her. Her lawyer argued that the company used Lohan's "name and characterization" without her permission, therefore they should pay $100M.
-As a result of poor self image, Lohan looked for any excuse to make more money. In these circumstances, Lohan probably overreacted in hopes of gaining some money. [Humanistic]
-Lohan had unconscious desires to make a comeback from her generally frowned-upon lifestyle of drug use and stealing. She attempted to gain sympathy from the people of America by suing the E-Trade company for a violation of her rights. [Psychodynamic]
-Certain hormones may have made Lohan more "grumpy" in a way, therefore she reacted differently to the situation than she normally might have. The hormones may have caused her to take the line in the commercial the wrong way. [Biological/Neuroscience]
-Anger and misinterpretation may have run in the family. Also, other family members may have been quick to submit a lawsuit. [Evolutionary]
-Seeing other celebrities submit lawsuits over relatively low key situations may have triggered Lohan to submit one herself the first chance she could get. [Behavioral]
-A clear misinterpretation of the dialogue in the commerical took place. The name and characterization was not meant to be referencing Lohan, but nevertheless, she believed it did and she sued. [Cognitive]
-Several other celebrity lawsuits may have lead Lohan to believe that "everyone is doing it" therefore, she should do it too. [Socio-cultural]
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