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No description

isobel tanner

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of THE BRIGHT LIGHTS!

how does light help us see
Visible light waves are only electromagnetic waves we can see.we see the waves as colours of the rainbow. every colour has a different wavelength.Red has the longest wavelength as violet has the smallest.

A few weeks ago we got into groups and were given a shoe box, and told that we had to make two hole on
either sides.Then one of us in the group would choose
a small object to place in the box . On the first time one of us had to cover the hole until it was pitch black and the other hole we had to look into no one knew what was in the box but on the second time we put a light sources on one of the holes and the other one we looked into. everyone could guess what it was.It was a very good experiment I would love to do it again.
what is light??
visible light [or also known as light] is electro magnetic radiation.light travels in a straight path at the speed 300,000 kilometers per second nothing travels faster than light.light helps us see if we didn't have light we wouldn't be able to see

hi i am isobel and now you will be watching the work i''ve found out about light please listen for the valid information !!!!!!!!!!
what is a shadow
a shadows only appears when an object is standing infront of the light so all behind you id dark.when you stand in a shadow you see a dark tracing of you.
A firework is a missile that is supposed to blow off with bangs of bright colours.the word fire work come from ancient Greece meaning fire art or fire skill.
The sun is a huge glowing sphere of hot gas which
helps us see.The sun shines because it is burning
hydrogen into heliem in it's boiling hot core.That
means as time goes on it burning more heliem
than hydrogen.
other sources of light
the sun

by Isobel Tanner
light show
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