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HCA Re-Validation

No description

Jan Posthumus

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of HCA Re-Validation

What is Validation and Re-Validation?
Making sure that all our provider compliance documents, privileges and contact information is up to date.

How are we doing this?
Provider documentation moved out of MEDITECH into SharePoint and linked to Dynamics CRM
All page 3 data stored in Dynamics CRM
Monitor changes,expiration or submission of compliance documents
Letting CRM do all the work
So, what does this mean for MEDITECH?

Dynamics CRM will be doing the processing, making sure that the information in the system is correct.
Contact information can be validated in real time as it is entered into the Dynamics CRM system.
If the system finds incorrect information it will attempt to auto correct it, depending on complexity OR create a task for a system user or group of users to action.
What are the
Validation and Re-Validation
Legally compliant
One source of information
Overview of all provider related information in one location
Sharing of correct information
Reach and communicate to more providers
Correct address for clinical results
Reduces staff time and costs
Avoids frustration for provider and GP liaison officers
Correct referral details for GP's
Correct consultant details websites
Automates processes like reports, mail merges and monitoring
Better patient experience
Accurate reporting
Accurate ROI on marketing initiatives like courses or events to providers.
What else?
With all our information validated or re-validated when required. We can share information with confidence.

We will be able to be more interactive with patients as well as consultants via our HCAI Group websites.

Thank you
What are we currently doing?
MEDITECH is used as a document repository for all provider compliance documents and information.
How are we
Constant communication between MEDITECH and Dynamics CRM with each other.
GMC Database validation
Experian database validation (Postal, Email, Telephone/mobile)
Internal validation processes
What are the issues?
Checking and updating information takes time and resources.
Running reports is lengthy process
Generating letters takes time
System syncing from MEDITECH does not happen often enough.
All documents are stored in MEDITECH
Information accross multiple systems
Information held on spreadsheets
How will this change?
Implementation of the latest CRM (
Customer Relationship Management
) system from Microsoft, called Microsoft Dynamics 2015.
What documents?
GMC/ (License to practice)
Expires yearly
Expires yearly
Occ Health/Hep B results/evidence.
No expiry (unless notified)
Professional Liability (Insurance)
Expires yearly
Expires every 5 years
Many more....

MEDITECH exports provider information
Central Consultant Registration Service
) uses access database
Documents that expired or approaching expiration managed by CCRS team
Validate or update information
Registration of received documents
Letters and mail merges
Goldmine CRM system (
Customer Relationship Management
Mange relationship
Emails, postal addresses and phone numbers
Sub specialties and qualifications
GP and provider liaison officers

by Jan Posthumus

Page 3 information will be stored and managed in Dynamics CRM
MEDITECH will have access to view the information
MEDITECH Screens continued.....
Page 1 & 2 information will be stored in both MEDITECH and Dynamics CRM
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