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Clean Coder

a short summary of key learning about the book - "Clean Coder"

Steven Mak

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Clean Coder

What is software professional? Professional practices Time and Pressure Team and Collaboration Not Today! Take Responsibility! Be responsible for consequence, how? QA should find nothing
You must know it works
Automated QA Define "Done"
Acceptance Testing
Dojo and learning Saying No
Do; or do no. There is no Trying
Saying Yes
The language of commitment Focus - Pomodoro Technique
Estimation and Commitment
Don't panic and rely on discipline
Sustainable Pace Collective Code Ownership
Pair programming Craftsmanship
Apprenticeship Further References: http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Leaner-Programmer-Anarchy http://gotocon.com/dl/jaoo-aarhus-2010/slides/KevlinHenney_AQuestionOfCraftsmanship.pdf Steven Mak
Email: steven@odd-e.com
Twitter: stevenmak
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