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photo essay 2

No description

serenity finch

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of photo essay 2

Leader is a 2010 movie that is meant for
adults and has got good reviews from many. Leader A family movie good movie for a rainy day or watch it for fun. About a group of toys that can talk to each other and even move on their own. You'll love it. Toy Story Alice in Wonderland Another movie for the family.
Might have some scary images
in it. It's a movie about
a girl named Alice who
follows a rabbit into a rabbit
hole and then magicly falls it the
world of wonderland. Leap Year An movie that is mostly for adults and
young adults because of some inapropriate images.

This is It About the concert of Michael Jackson
showing the hardships him and his crew went through
during the making. Avatar A movie about people who try to earn the "Avatar's" trust. They live on the planet pandera. They are trying to earn the avatar's trust because they want a rock that is in their land. Then when they end up taking the rock. Robin Hood Robin Hood is a movie made for adults
because it is rated "R". It is a remake of
the classic tale when Robin Hood steals from
the rich and gives to the poor. She's Out Of My League Is a movie that is not out yet but looks
like a good movie for young adults and adults. that is my project on the movies you or others may want to know more about
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