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World Bank Prezi 2016


Candee Ellsworth

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of World Bank Prezi 2016

Friends of NELHA welcomes you to the Natural Energy Laboratory
Hawaii Authority (NELHA)

870 acres
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)
Friends of NELHA is a nonprofit organization which provides conservation education outreach about novel renewable energy advancements, sustainability and research in regard to the uniqueness of NELHA and using seawater as a valuable resource.
Pipeline at Seafloor:

Has no grate
Animals free to come and go
Slight upturn to prevent sediment from being drawn up
70 ton weight mechanism
Not a huge suction
High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
NELHA Tenants Produce about 80% of the State of Hawaii's Aquaculture & Marine Products:
Cyanotech Corporation
Troutlodge Marine Farms Kona LLC (Marine Aqua LLC)
Pacific Planktonics
Moana Technologies LLC
Big Island Abalone Corporation
Taylor Shellfish
Mera Pharmaseuticals, Inc.
Royal Hawaiian Seafarms, Inc.
Kona Cold Lobsters Ltd.
Shrimp Improvement Systems Hawaii, Inc.
Ocean Rider, Inc.
Indo-Pacific Sea Farms
Mera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Destiny Deep Sea Water LLC
Fat Fish Farms LLC
Hawaii Deep Marine, Inc.
Hawaii Deep Ocean Water LLC
Hawaii Kai Technologies
Keahole Point Hatcheries LLC
King Ocean Farm, Inc.
Kona Coast Shellfish LLC
Kona Deep Corp.
Koyo USA Corp.

The surface ocean layer is lit by the sun and life flourishes here and also consumes many nutrients. It is also contaminated by bacteria, viruses, pollution, and industrial waste.

From about 100 to 400 meters is the Thermocline, a temperature and pressure barrier between the surface layer and the deep ocean layer.

Beyond 500 meters is the Twilight Zone, without light there is no photosynthesis and no support of sea life, bacteria, or viruses. With virtually no involvement with the surface layer, Deep Ocean Water is nutrient-packed and untouched by contaminants, toxic waste, and the pollution of today’s industrial society.
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Tell others about your great experience at Friends of NELHA!
West Hawaii Explorations Academy

Kumejima & Hawaii County

This Sister City relationship was established based on shared commonalities.

Kumejima and Hawai‘i Island are two of the few locations in the world where a deep-sea pipe has the ability to bring up cold sea water, an asset with the potential to meet three of the world’s most pressing needs: food, clean energy and fresh water. The development of Kumejima’s Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plant occurred in tandem with the development of OTEC on Hawai‘i Island.
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